Saturday, January 25, 2014

No 5K...K?

It's weird, but even though I am a flipster (flip side o' 50), everyone I hang around with is much younger and they don't seem to realize that I am relatively ancient...or they're just nice (I do have some nice friends; I'm discerning).

You might know I'm in the plus-sized range from yesterday's rant on plus-sized clothing. I realize other people aren't, and that many older people jog and workout regularly. I'm not in that group, though I tell myself I'll try harder.

I'll bet I've been invited to at least six 5K races ( a participant, not an observer) for a variety of organizations, but mostly diseases such as breast cancer. In spite of my enthusiasm for supporting any cause, I don't think I can do a 5K, or any of the other consonants - with the exception, perhaps of P. I believe I could do a bang up job of peeing for cancer.

Every time I excuse myself to use the restroom, from this day forward, I want you to remember that I am supporting cancer research, the development of effective treatments and the obliteration of the disease each and every time I pee.

When I feel certain I can tackle other consonants, K will be somewhere on the list of potential candidates, I promise. Till then, thank you for including me in the invitation.

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