Friday, January 24, 2014

Plus what?

What is the plus in plus sized clothing?

Someone needs to explain this to me. It never fits right, I'm not sure anyone on the planet is the appropriate shape to fit in plus sized clothing. There seems to be an evil partnership with the fashion industry geared towards predicting the "dos" and "don'ts" of fashion while creating plus sized clothing that is firmly in the "don't" column. Never wear horizontal stripes? Every plus sized item of clothing will be in horizontal stripes. Avoid polka dots this season? The whole rack looks like a spattergram of dots.

Plus: As in clothes PLUS aggravation?

Even the people who make the plus-sized clothing are not excited about it. While others have labels that say Versace, Anne Klein, and Marc Jacobs, I noticed the tag on my jeans says: Just My Size. Was the goal to imply that there's nothing special about this product; it’s just your size. Score! (insert plus-sized sarcasm).

Here's another thought: Do marketers think I am dimwitted? I just grab any pair of pants and hope it’s correct. Why? Because there is no tag that says Just My Size to tell me I've hit that elusive mark. Lacking that tag, I might be standing there for hours like a caffeine stoked crapshooter, calling out number after number, hoping to find one that was, in fact, just my size.

So, I decided to upscale a bit: I took my hard earned dollar to the mall to find a new outfit. I want to look nice and feel better about myself - can you blame me? I found this sparkly sweater that I loved till I looked at the tag: Sag Harbor.

There's a lot of things that cross my mind when I look in the mirror. Clothing manufacturers would be wise to keep the word "sag" out of my cranium if they want me to purchase anything. Brilliant marketing; know your audience, people.

On the other hand, if you want to send me a complete line of your clothing in my size to try to change my mind about plus-sized fashion, email me privately for sizing.

My checkbook I'd appreciate it.

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