Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Totes McGoats

Totes McGoats, according to the Urban Dictionary, is "The only appropriate response for when someone asks you to do something ridiculously cool."

(You know what is ridiculously cool?  That picture really IS my goat.  But I digress...)

Totes. McGoats.  This is what the cutting edge of cool individuals say in appreciation of even more superior coolness?  Point taken.  We're just scraping the bottom, looking for some slang that will surpass such gems as groovy, far out, Word, Holla and the ever popular "you know what I'm sayin'?"

Don't let me stop you; you're on to something.  In fact, I'll throw in some custom, Cherdofied sayings.  Please, spread them around and watch your popularity rise.

Cokes McThroat:  "I'm really thirsty and I need a Diet Coke."

Popes McBoat:  "I'm taking another cruise to Italy and visiting Rome."

Soaks McOats:  "I need milk for my oatmeal."

Doats McBloat:  "I can't stop thinking about my large abdomen."

Floats McCoat:  "I dropped my jacket in the lake."

Wow. I feel cooler already.  Thanks, Generation-whatever-you-are-now.  

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