Thursday, February 6, 2014

Puppy Love

Hula lessons...totally fine with Coco.
Admittedly, I have people in my life that I love deeply.  I've known people that I was crazy about the second I met them.

This post isn't about people love.  This is about dog love.

My children never mourn my absence, and two of those children were surgically removed from my body!  My dog, Coco, stops eating till I return.

My husband doesn't feel the need to be in physical contact with me every single second that we are in the same room.  Coco clearly does.

As nervous and jumpy as some poodles can be, Coco lets my ballerina costumed granddaughter put her on the trampoline, jump up and down, all while shouting out specific dance moves and instructions - for the dog.  My granddarling informs me she is "teaching Coco how to do the hula."   An hour later - Coco still loves everything about her.

Just once, I'd wish I loved someone so much that I would be happy to lick the air that surrounded them.  Now, that's love.  Full contact with my atmosphere is enough for Coco;  it's so good, she has to taste it ( she is not allowed to lick my face, so she keeps a steady six inches away from actual contact the whole time).

I tried this same gesture of love with my husband, and he is just not having it.   I'm still going to have to by a Valentine's Day card.

Dogs are awesome.  

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  1. Coco isn't allowed to kiss your face? What in the heck is wrong with you?



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