Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Saturday

Another name for it would be...Saturday.

I'm informed by my retailing buddies that this is the day that people who can't afford large screen televisions plop down the big bucks for a new rig. Some things are better left unknown, but I'll put a positive spin on this stinker:  Yay, Team Materialism AND Football Fanatics!  It's a double whammy.

On Sunday, Super Bowl viewing heaven!   Parties, chips, dips, hurrahs and devastation!  What fun!

On Monday...return the televisions.  What, you say??  No, not in my America.

Yep, apparently it's done all the time.  Have some dignity, people.  All you have to do is carry around a huge balance on your credit card (like most Americans...gotta have the merch...can't live without it) and you can be spared that walk of shame to return it.

Your open-box electronics will be on sale for the rest of us later, so please be careful during transport.

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