Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Truth or Derriere

Bad idea.
My healthcare days are far behind me, but I often think of some of the craziness I witnessed firsthand.  I'm not talking about illness or the difficult situations people find themselves in, through no fault of their own.  No, this is a direct question to the many folks who come into the emergency room in need of the assistance of a trained remove something from their derriere.

What's up?

Many mall shops have sprung up claiming to offer a variety of reasonably priced storage solutions, so it can't be an unavailability of places to put flashlights or tools.  I dare say the items did not land there as the result of a promising young pitcher, or accidental misplacement.  Was this a dare - and did he lose?

In the end (quite literally), it's a medical mystery that will always land you in ER.

Once, I assisted a young doctor as he tried remove a light bulb from a gentleman's posterior.   Yeah...say that to yourself one more time: light bulb.  Made of glass, I'll remind you;  thin glass.

The fellow was sedated, and I sort of wished I was a least slightly sedated as I tried to prevent myself from committing career suicide by making a wise crack (fiddlesticks...there I go again!).  If I were the patient, the last thing in the world that I would want is to be the butt of a joke (sorry...I can't help it).   Maybe someone just had their head near said derriere when they had a really great idea (spoiler wasn't where to store the lightbulb). 

As the doctor struggled to get a good view, I bit my tongue because all I could think was "'s a light bulb - can't we just plug it in?"

Luckily, it was removed and he was soon on the path to recovery.  

This is a ER visit that everyone can avoid, a serious matter - and so I'll leave you with this closing thought:  A bad O-ring brought down a space shuttle.


  1. The Butts family thanks you for your astute observations. And puns!

    1. I belong to a Pun support group. It's not helping.

  2. Sadly, I have heard of light bulbs up the bottom before. People are amazing.



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