Monday, March 10, 2014

The Algebraic Diet

Since everyone has to take Algebra in high school, I consider it the great equalizer.  Likewise, every kid in high school says the same thing, "I will never use this."

Youthful ignorance aside, there are some of you for whom that may be true.  Since we are obsessed  with diet and health in the good old US of A, I thought I'd give you a reason to learn Algebra:  The Algebraic Diet.


A = amount of food ingested            
T = amount of time
F = the function of the diet

You can change the order by properly applying the distributive property,  so I chose F=AT.

Now, using only those diets who state they are tested and proven by solid science (they claim), I have formed my diet approach to determine which foods and amounts I plug into F A T.

If one diet plan is good, then two will be definitely better.

Accessing the key components of The Carb Lovers Diet and Atkins, I came up with a nutritious lunch of potato chips.  Delicious.

Impact on weight:  15 lbs....gained.

Granted, there are a few bugs that I have to work out...I'm gonna log activity points just for saying "work out."  I'm told you need to get workouts in where ever you can.

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