Thursday, March 6, 2014

Typo? What tpyo?

If you've been following my blog all along, I must tell you something shocking: English is my primary language.  As a matter of fact, when you factor in four years of German, a couple of years helping in a Spanish class, attempts at helping my son with French and three years of teaching Latin, I still come up speaking only English. Additionally, I did take keyboarding in high school.  I have all the prerequisites of a person who can communicate.

Why can't I type a full blog post without a typo?  I mean, really, people - I can read my own typewritten words - or is this just a delusion?  It's baffling.  I proof, and proof a second time and still I find a mistake later on after someone else has read it.

Maybe this is a new syndrome that needs a support group?  I catch other's mistakes in print all the time, so I know I'm not the only one (not that it lessens the frustration level).  I wonder what we all have in common.  Is it a weak connection between my wildly dysfunctional, bifocal laden eyeballs and my inattentive brain?

Once, I typed a church bulletin for Sunday worship and I misspelled the word "pray" - which turned out to be pretty awkward when the printed instructions to the congregation were to receive communion and then "go to the altar and pay."   It would have been terrible, if not for the extra donations they found on the altar (my pastor was not sure if we really needed to correct it immediately).

Perhaps it is an alien presence monitoring my blog posts.  Like a mouse in a maze, they might be monitoring my every move, removing letters - like a variable in a science experiment.  Each time, they collect the data on how we respond.  What does Cherdo do?  What does the reader do?  Why does she say "holy moley" as she corrects things and is it an Earth based code word?  That could be a way for them to learn how to mess with our technology, or interfere with communications.   I'm not paranoid, but that doesn't mean they aren't up there, hovering in a spaceship, watching everything I do.

All things are well and there are no aliens watching this primitive pointless form of communication. Be calm and do not investigate this claim.  Google all things with rapid finger motion for your enjoyment.  Thank yuo.

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