Friday, April 25, 2014

Electronics: Mommy Likey

Treated myself to a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 this past weekend, and it reminded me of two constants in my life. 

1) I'm sporadically electronically challenged and nothing says idiot better than a new piece of equipment that has to be figured out.  You might think there's not too much to figure out with a tablet, just touch the screen and you're off to Googleland. That's not how I roll. I have to try out every setting, wallpaper, security feature and customize everything on the whole darn tablet. So, for a few days I'll feel totally inadequate (chocolate fixes that).

Irrationally, I used to think that I was way ahead of the pack as far as computer literacy was concerned. This delusion started when one of the IT guys informed me that I was a super user, which meant zip to me. He explained that I actually used a significant number of the programs that were on my computer. Really? Notice how I blame someone else for my big head and techno ego trip. Actually, he was woefully misinformed;  I just wanted to keep my job.

2) My husband doesn't have this "desire of electronics" problem at all;  and he works with computers all day long.  In fact, he has let it slip that he has the nickname of The Amish IT Manager. For the clarification, that doesn't mean he expects horses and buggies to power the computers nor does it mean he wears all black and a nifty hat to work.  He just doesn't believe in upgrading when it's not necessary. The push to constantly by the latest thing or the most recent technological flavor of the month makes no sense to him.  And, boy, do you have to spell it out.

Really, he's company VP material. He thinks about the financial impact of decisions for the company. You want to believe that everyone in a businessthinks that way , but that's just not true. Most people look at the resources of the company and think "woo-hoo!" supplies and resources are free for the taking from the magic supply closet.  

Just think about this in another way:  Everyone sitting in an office gets a computer and loaded with programs. The company must purchase all those computers and pay the dude to keep them running. They'll have to have a server, and that comes with it's own headaches.  Every computer in the office requires a license for those programs. And yet, most of those users will use 1 or 2 of those programs. In my mind, there goes your raise, office worker. And that is exactly how hubby thinks; I get it.

Unfortunately, he brings this school of thought home. I think he's still pretty ticked off that we don't have a rotary dialed phone, and never saw the need to have more than one phone in the house. I know he hates that my son and I got smart phones. He reminds me every month how much that purchase impacted our budget.  He's one sentence short of extolling the virtue of tin-can-and-string communication systems.   He also will verbally list all our electronics at the drop of a hat, in case I missed that finely honed point (I'll skip that because I don't want to be of victim of any local burglars - so stay clear, guys, move on down the road!). 

Needless to say, we disagree. I don't have to have the latest and the greatest of electronics, but I do like to I think I'm in the 21st century.  If you see me purchasing them on the street from a guy in a trench coat, maybe this post will explain it.

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