Tuesday, April 22, 2014

General Random Weird Observations (Oh, Stop - You Do It, Too)

The thought quagmire that is my stream of consciousness spewed forth this mess:

  • Amazon.com, the American international electronic commerce company, has had a hard time getting a mega share of the South American market.  Hey, whoa...Amazon.  Doesn't that sound like something custom made for South America?
  • The Cleveland Clinic posted a list of Fast Food Disasters: The 5 Worse Lunch Foods.   It reads like a grocery list of everything my son, Gonzo, wants for lunch:  Pizza, burgers, lunch meat, hot dogs and fried chicken.  (We're all gonna die.)
  • Everything that happens to me in the course of a week that is really, really funny has some component that makes it unsuitable for blogging.  Scary, huh?
  • I'm watching some kids who are participating in a Mock Trial this week.  It's an awesome activity, but I can't help but wonder why we don't have other "mock" activities.  Mock Mom would be good and enlightening;  Mock Surgery, Mock Janitor, Mock Detective, Mock Trust Fund Baby, Mock Overworked Teacher, Mock Union Rep, Mock Plumber...all of these would give important insight and help young people consider careers.  The possibilities taunt and torment me - it's like Mock Mocking.
  • The real reason kids can't vote till they are 18 is that they only vote for their friends.  I had an in-class competition for the best science notebook one year and the girl with the second highest number of votes didn't turn one in.  All the girls looked over each and every notebook meticulously - then they just voted for their friends.
  • I fear human germs.  I'll wash my hands, avoid using the restroom till I'm ill, carry sanitizer for my hands and question every single stain I see;  but I kiss my dog without hesitation.  The same goes for my goats and my donkey.  Rationally, I tell myself that they are probably covered with much higher levels of germy-ness.  Apparently, that part of my brain is damaged (but the part that fears human germs is working overtime, so I guess it balances out).
  • The local shelter has a No Spay Day.  That makes no sense.  Isn't the goal to make sure all pets are spayed?  Why not call it Breed? No Need day.
Some days, I just have to let it out.  Everyone have a great day!

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