Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Momisms: Logic? Denied.

Watching the social media posts of funny texts between parents and kids inspired this very true tale (Mom, I warned you that family members who don't read my blog are in my blog;  this is also why Tammie is NEVER in my blog...<3).

My grandfather, the kindest, sweetest soul that ever walked the planet was having a heck of a year, health-wise.  Diagnosed with juvenile diabetes sixty years earlier, at a time when kids frequently succumbed to the complications of the disease, his luck was starting to run out.   The diabetes had finally robbed him of his sight, but he took it in stride.  I never heard him complain.  His pastor helped him set up a ham radio to allow him to listen to the service and afterwards, he would call shut-ins and tell them what was going on in church and what the sermon was about.  Many did not know he was blind.  He was that kind of person;  he always thought of others first.

On this particular day, my grandfather had a mild stroke and was in a hospital in West Virginia.  At that time, it was about five hours drive time from my house.

Mom got on the phone and started calling everyone to tell them about the turn of events and give them information about grandfather's room, phone number and the hours when we could call.  I'd been working, so I didn't get the call till later in the day.  Mom relayed all the details, along with a list of relatives she had already contacted.

Then she commented:  "Believe it or not, his roommate is totally deaf.  If you call and someone answers and they don't respond to your voice, it might be the roommate."

"Why would the deaf roommate walk over to a ringing phone and answer it, Mom?"

There was a pause.  Then she screamed in the phone: "OH MY GOD, I TOLD EVERYBODY THAT SAME THING AND NO ONE QUESTIONED IT!  They must think I'm an idiot - get off the phone, get off the phone, I have to call them back!"

It was okay that she ended the call. I was laughing so hard that it brought on an asthma attack.  It was worth it.

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