Monday, April 28, 2014

People Watcher: Dogwood Arts Festival

Last Saturday was such a beautiful day in Knoxville!  Hubby and I decided to go downtown and check out the Dogwood Arts Festival.

For the uninformed, the Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville is music, entertainment, culinary arts, food trucks and a whole mess of artists showing off their wares.  All this converges on Market Square and Krutch Park in downtown Knox-Vegas. 

Meanwhile, in neighborhoods all over town, dogwood and flower aficionados roam the "dogwood trails" - painted pink blossoms on the road and sidestreets that lead you past some of the great gardens and front yards of Knoxvillians who actually spend time in their gardens and front yards (as opposed to desks and computers).  It turns out, Knoxville is covered with dogwoods and a significant portion of population have brag worthy green thumbs.

In the midst of all this, I am still a people watcher at heart.   Some minor observations about the festival folks:

  • Artists:  Wow.  Way too talented for the sidewalk;  seriously.  Knoxville should be a mecca for glass artists, all kidding aside.  Did I say "wow" already?  When I get rich (by playing the lottery I never play?  Let's do full-on fantasy mode!), I'm going to have walls covered with Knoxville artists' glass works.
  • Invisibility Cloak - Not Working:  If you were hungry, you were in the right place.  Food trucks and street vendors provided some delicious grub and tables were set up along Market Square to allow you to sit comfortably and eat. However, several patrons must have thought that they had a cloak of invisibility.  That's the only excuse I can come up with for shoving so much food in your mouth that you can't close it and churning it around like a front loading Maytag. No one would eat like that unless they thought they were invisible.  So, as a public service announcement, take heed:  Even though you have your own little folding chair...I can see you.  Everyone can.  Ew.
  • Beware of Humans:  Knoxvillians love the pooches, so please, everybody look down!  The poor doggles were risking life and limb at ground level because no one looks out for the little dogs.  I saw a near disaster when a small dog wrapped her leash around a stranger's ankles and we almost had a combination fall/strangulation on the Square.  Just look down.
  • Fun for the kids:  To the parents who were dragging tired screaming be fair, you and your child were both screaming...what a fun memory that will be.  Naps are your friend, Mama and Papa.
  • Fashion Parade: Saw a couple of young guys wearing kilts (although my first instinct, as a person of Scottish descent, is to ask if you are in fact, Scottish).  Hey, I'm totally down with that, unless you have one that it too short - which was the case with one laddie roaming the streets. I'll even apply the time honored rules of play for women in skirts (basically, all fashion is game if you look good in it). Gerard Butler or Bradley Cooper can wear whatever they like, for example.  But if you're trying to bring in the new mini-kilt look and you look more like Zach Galifianakis, rethink that look.  Think about the impressionable young children who are learning to dress themselves and role model.
  • Invisibility Cloak Still Not Working:  Lovely dressed woman, obviously patron of the arts, expensive clothes - finger buried in her nose up to the second joint.  Is that any way to treat a french manicure?
  • Nice to See You:   One of the great things about Knoxville is the smiling people.  As a person from the North, it is at times confusing, because it gives the person that air of familiarity when they smile and I have a moment of fear that I won't remember the person's name or where we met. For the record, I've been accused of actually knowing everyone, but it's just an urban legend.  I do love the smiles.
Okay, Knoxville...remember, Jazz on the Square and the Biscuit Festival are on their way.   See you then!

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