Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Random Weirdness...More Random...More Weird...

Not much...it's like a cave.
  1. I'd like to be remembered as the person who discovered the psychological condition known as Naggravation.  This condition is prevalent among older Moms, though not limited to their dealings with their children. Once you're aware of it, you'll see it everywhere. It needs a serious case study to legitimize it. Naggravation is when you are totally irritated by a situation or event, but you know that if you mention anything about it you'll get branded a complainer or a nag. The more you try not to think about it, the more irritation sets in.  It's downright naggravating.
  2. There should be a word that describes an onslaught of diarrhea of the mouth that would provide a signal to the offender that says you totally get it (thanks, but don't go overboard. Just so you know, I'm in agreement and you needn't beat this dead horse for hours).  I'm suggesting "diarreally."  Once you respond with "Diarreally, man!" the appropriate AND polite thing for the other person  to do is to halt the diatribe rather than require you to continue validating his/her view with comments, such as "yes, indeed", "I couldn't agree more", "absolutely", "I know what you mean..." and the ever appropriate "Whoop...there it is."  There's a lot of questionable grammar and punctuation going on here.  Diarreally.
  3. While watching the movie Gladiator, I found myself saying I thought it strange that Joaquin Phoenix would decide to name himself Leaf or visa versa at one point.  Then it occurred to me that half of my life was spent being called Mac, and the other Cherdo.  Perhaps it's not so weird...
  4. I hate things where every kid gets a trophy.  If everyone gets a trophy, then what you really need to do to get a trophy is just show up.  Then these kids show up, grow up and apply for jobs.  People like me would hire them.  They'd show up for work...and that is pretty much it. Be stingy with trophies.
  5. My friends ask me dog questions all the time.  Here is the answer I'd like to use for a large number of repeat queries:  "If you have had more than two or three dogs that you were unable to train or didn't work out, the next dog you get should be one made by Gund.  The dog you get from Gund will sit and stay, pretty much from the get-go.  Housebreaking is a breeze.  They don't bite and it's okay to let them sleep on the bed.  You're welcome, no trouble at all..."
  6. Yes, you may have seen me standing out in my field encouraging cows to come to me on command. 
  7. No, they are not my cows.  
  8. No, I do not know what I will do with them once they come to me. 
  9. Yes, there will be video.  What is more entertaining than a bunch of compliant cows?  This blog needs more video to liven it up.  
  10. Who just whispered "diarreally?'


  1. Funny stuff, Cherdo! I have known quite a few people who constantly run their mouth just to hear themselves complain. When offered possible solutions they really aren't interested because whining about their lives to anyone who will listen is far more important than getting the situation changed.

    I totally agree that many modern parents go too far trying to make their children feel special. They hand out praise, gold stars, merit badges, gifts and money like confetti and for the least little accomplishment. It promotes a sense of entitlement. Kids nurtured to the extreme often become underachievers and are not productive in the workplace.

    When I was in my 20s I had an apartment next to farm land. I often stood along the fence and talked to the herd of cows. One of them, with an ear tag that read #32, always came over to me and let me scratch his head and neck. I loved affectionate, trusting #32.

    Fun post, dear Cherdo, and thank you very much for recommending SDM&M to your friends. I will welcome one and all!

  2. Shady Del Knight, you're my new blog BFF, ha ha. Love it.

    Now I'm hyperfocused on the image of "affectionate, trusting #32."

    Glad you're hold a place in line (with me!) on the flipside.


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