Friday, May 9, 2014

Mum's Day!

Mother's Day is upon us and it's time to remember some of the less celebrated, but wonderful, things that make Moms so great.

So, before you rush out to order some high priced posies,  remember this:
  1. Your Mom was the first person you ever met.  
  2. Your Mom was probably the only one who ever said something along the lines of, "Oh, by the way, your name is..."
  3. Your Mom was the first person to really think you were something special, at a time when you didn't do anything to deserve the accolades.  How cool is that?
  4. Your Mom has cleaned your whole body and, most likely, all your body fluids without ever wearing scrubs and gloves...or using a biohazard bag.  She's tough.
  5. Your Mom was the person who would always pick you for a team sport.  She'd embarass you with her mad skills, but you'd have a teammate. 
  6. Your Mom didn't judge your fashion choices until you were a double digit 11...
  7. Your Mom knows all your secrets.  Okay, maybe she just knows quite a few of your secrets...but they're safe with her.
  8. Your Mom will fix your favorite food for you.
  9. Your Mom always likes your crafts.  Macaroni necklaces are received appreciatively.
  10. Your Mom will not allow your teen years to pass without breaking into song in front of your friends. Maybe even do an impromptu expressive dance.  It's wonderful when she stops, though.
Negatives about Moms:  I'm drawing a blank.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers, daughters who are mothers, mothers with mothers, sisters who are mothers, anyone who has a mother, but most of all - my own mother!  Someday,  somehow, she is gonna figure out what is wrong with her Wi-Fi and this post will be here waiting patiently.

Celebrate them on other days, too, peeps - we're lucky to have them.


  1. Hi, Cherdo! This list triggered memories of my own mother. She always thought I was the brightest and funniest member of the family, "the next Johnny Carson" she was always calling me. That encouragement is what led me to choose a career in television. Mom's cooking was the other major memory. She knew my favorite dishes and enjoyed preparing and serving them to me. I still dream of her Pennsylvania Dutch style potato salad.

    I wish you and your mother a very happy Mother's Day!

    1. Shady Del Knight, I love and appreciate your comments!

      I grew up in Ohio, and that Pennsylvania Dutch cooking was all around - no wonder you remember it fondly. There was a great restaurant called The Dutch House in Columbiana, Ohio.

      Your website is divine and triggers many musical memories for me! I'll be pouring over your many tales and photos this weekend. Flipsters gotta stick together!

    2. I appreciate that very much, Cherdo. Thank you very much for taking an interest in what I'm doing over there. Have a great weekend!


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