Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Least Favorite Feature - All the Rage?

1965:  As a child, I was the kid with the dimples.  Everyone would point this out and touch my cheeks or pinch them;  invade my personal face space, in other words.  Never, ever, ever (got it?) did I consider this a complement. Maybe I'm just self conscious, but it always seemed like everyone was pointing out the fact that I had a face that was so round and chubby, it just caved in at the cheeks. No real reason to celebrate the dimple, let alone pinch me with unbridled admiration of something that just came with the package, so to speak.

Fast forward to 2014...make this fun;  do some sort of cosmic noise representing your trip to present day.

Dimpleplasty is a popular plastic surgery this year, apparently.  While reading an article about the procedure on the FOX News website, a Dr. Amiyad Prasad stated. "A lot of time people with round faces will get this done so people think they lost weight because it gives them a more angular face."

Angular?  We must not be talking about the same indented derma-bowl that I have on both cheeks (for free, thank you). No one would ever walk up to me and say, "Have you lost weight, or is it just the spectacular dimples?"   Perhaps the surgeons were angular, as in "what's your angle?"  It's just one more thing you can use to convince a woman she needs desparately for the sake of aesthetics.  Turn her over like a piggy bank, and shake out the cash.  Shhh...don't mention cost...pain...bruising...less than stellar results.  Be fearless and bold for beauty's sake, ladies!!  

I'm an anti-dimplite. If this cosmetic "theory" were true, and a dimple was my one stunningly redemptive feature,  I would be the first one to exploit it and much more open to divulging the other parts of my body that are dimpled.  Borderline bragging, really.  I've done the legwork on this topic. Point of fact: dimples are also not making me look slimmer in those mystery areas, either.


  1. Hi, Cherdo!

    I have a dream...
    that someday...
    everyone will have dimples.
    I have a dream.

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