Monday, May 19, 2014

Prehistoric Grammarsaurs

[Gotta 'fess up and give credit where it is due:  this cartoon idea burst forth from the well-fertilized brain of my youngest son, Gonzo...I just had to accept the challenge and draw it.  My competition may be chowing down on cereal in the kitchen at this very moment.  Glad he doesn't want to draw...]


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo! I hope you had a nice weekend. As the new kid on the block I am learning something new about you every day. I was already convinced that you are a talented writer and humorist reminiscent of Erma Bombeck. I wasn't aware that you are a gifted illustrator. I love this colorful cartoon and I appreciate the word play. When I was a boy I had a collection of finely crafted plastic dinosaurs of which I was quite proud. One of my funniest memories was stabbing a girl's big toe with the horn of my Triceratops!

    1. SDK, that is high praise - I loved Erma Bombeck. As far as being a gifted illustrator, all I can say is thank you. You are too kind. I'm a garden variety amateur in most categories, but I am absolutely addicted to being creative and trying new things. This is just one more effort.

      You have risen to Number One Fan status, and I thank you!

      Carpe Diem!


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