Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trashing My Dog?

You've probably read that our dog, Coco, was dognapped for a month and we were lucky to get her back. Consequently, we have tried to make sure one of us is with her or that we have her one a leash.  

The new leash rule doesn't always work out so well.  We have a very large yard, and a very long driveway, and before she was taken we just didn't worry about such things.   Prior to the December doggle nappin', we would just let her walk around with us or go out in the yard freely.  A false sense of security crept in, however.  While walking out the back door, we forget that there are new rules in this house about dog restraint and she slips out.  Coco is sneaky like that.  Most of the time, it doesn't matter at all - she really just wants to be with us.   But she still has this fixation on children and they are a constant temptation for her. If she hears them, she wants to run up and get a cordial petting. With warmer weather and louder children outside, the leash is not optional!

But, get a load of this latest dog faux pas...

Coco decided to run up to the street once more.  Not gonna point fingers at which family member had let her roam, but the person who wasn't responsible has a name that rhymes with "YOM."   

Within five minutes, we jump in the car and go up the driveway to get her (it's a loooong driveway and I can't out run her). She had totally disappeared!  We drove down the street, scouring the yards with our peepers, looking for that crazy dog.  All of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a truck full of garbage bags...and a brown poodle.

Turns out, that was exactly what it was.

Hubzam thought I was nuts, of course (not the first time), but he turned around and drove back to the spot.  In a pickup truck, sitting in the driveway of a neighbor, I see my dog perched among ten or so bags of trash.  A teenaged girl stood next to the truck.  What in the world?

As soon as the car stopped, I jumped out and walking up to the parked truck, I reached into the truck and grabbed my dog.  The teen just stared at me, with no explanation, so I decided I needed to break the ice and say something stupid.  "You're throwing away a perfectly good dog, " I remarked with an extra special dose of snark.  

I have no idea what their plan was for Coco.  

Dogs are weird.  People are weirder.


  1. And they removed her identification...all in about five minutes, literally. My fault she snuck out, but geez Louise...


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