Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Kitty Wants a Cookie

A Memphis woman has been banned from the Memphis Zoo after she jumped the barrier and entered the lion enclosure to give it (wait for it...) a cookie. Nothing crazy;  just jumped into the lion's den. This was not the first time the woman had done that. Clearly, she was certain that lions wanted cookies, lest you think this was an impulsive act. With appropriate forethought, she made sure she was a member of the Memphis Zoo - as we all know, membership has it's privileges...sadly, feeding lions dessert isn't one of them.  

And why not, the public cries? Why not?

Zoo officials, have you acted rashly?

If you've ever seen the Disney movie, Snow White, you know what is going on in Lion Lady's head. In her mind, little birds are flying around her head and she is one with nature. Specifically, I'm thinking of the scene where she is singing to the little birds, bunnies and chipmunks and makes the comment, "Please don't run away...You don't know what I've been through...and all because I was afraid."

Lion Lady realized that it was totally unreasonable to separate herself from the lions and let her fear keep her from communing with the darling animals of the forests of Memphis. Who would stand up and give them cookies? Cruel zookeepers, dressed like Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, hide in the dark recesses of the zoo buildings, plotting and planning their dastardly dietary deeds. Carefully, they measure out the desired portions of lions' daily diet, all prescribed by trained veterinarians posing as animal lovers. 

Have you ever seen a veterinarian's picture on a box of cookies? Of course not. There's a reason for that - because they don't want animals to have fun, junk food or delicious desserts. They have an agenda. Vaccines, neutering, chemicals applied to rid fleas - and all animals walking around without heartworm. Does any of that sound like fun?  How do the heartworms feel about the exclusion?

Lion Lady knew better. Her mentor, Handless Pete, encouraged her efforts and suggested she start with a simple store-bought chocolate chip cookie.  Armed and crumby, she went about the task of promoting dessert before dinner and jumped in the enclosure.  Zoo workers reported the Lion Lady was heard singing to the lions about how much she had missed them (and you thought the Snow White reference was nutty...shame on you).

True fact: The lions totally backed away from her. I'm guessing they don't like cookies with nuts.

[Afterthought: Memphis is known for barbecue, Lion Lady. Do your culinary homework.]


  1. SDM&M is your lion's den, dear Chero. Feel free to jump in anytime. I accept cookies! :)

    Good morning, dear friend! Perhaps those lions had peanut allergies which caused them to decline the cookie offer and back away. I have another theory, though, and I believe it is the real theme of this post. Jumping into the lion's den with the intention of giving the beasts a rare treat is a metaphor. When you set aside your fear and act out of pure love, breakthroughs are achieved. Granted, the lions backed away and Lion Lady's mission was not accomplished. She also got herself banned from the zoo. Yet her actions demonstrated the power of living life boldly and courageously rather than being limited and held back by our fears. Sometimes we don't even know enough to be afraid, even when we should be. An example is Pee Wee Herman in the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure, the scene in which Pee Wee enters a rough biker bar with the intention of using the phone:

    Or the scene in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest in which McMurphy breaks the rules, ignores the consequences, rounds up the mental patients and treats them to an impromptu fishing trip on a boat:

    Thanks for providing food for thought, dear Cherdo, in this case cookies!

    1. Boldly and courageously work for me, but respectfully does it, too. And no one would be laughing if she left the zoo in pieces - or if she fed the lions something that caused them to be ill. It's oh so tricky...

      Trivia: And who played the sax in the last line up of the Champs (who sang "Tequila"). My cousin, Keith MacKendrick.

      You happened to mention two movies I love, ha ha. You da man, Shady.

    2. That's so cool, Cherdo! I'm glad the scene with Pee Wee dancing to "Tequila" triggered that memory for you. Thanks for sharing. You also made a good point. The experts, as uncaring as they might seem, know what animals are supposed to eat and it probably doesn't include treats and sweets. Humans often reward themselves with things that aren't good for them, like comfort foods, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. They assume animals want those same things and will be "happier" if they have them.

      I don't want his cigarettes, nurse Ratchett!!!
      I want MY cigarettes! I want MY cigarettes!

  2. I'm so glad you explained what was really going on. For a second, I thought that woman had done something crazy/not too bright.



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