Friday, June 6, 2014

Dude Directed Products

Let me preface this rant by saying I don't really have any proof, but if the Internet has taught me anything, it's that you don't need to have all your facts straight before you post.

I believe some products were made just to make women miserable.

Men, historically, have been viewed as superior to women (sit back down, feminists, I'm just stating a historical fact,  not a new campaign policy.  Yada yada yada...I do know who Gloria Steinem is. Stay with me). 

Likewise, men were historically the titans of industry and invention - not that ladies didn't invent things.  They most certainly did.  But the lion's share of the industry and invention biz was driven by men.

People in a position of power, inventing things and manufacturing things...that they didn't use or ever need to use.

So, my question is this:  if these products were so great, why weren't they ever used by men?
  • Corsets - just squeeze your waistline to the shape you want.  Men?
  • Hoop skirts - Create the silhouette you find most attractive with hoops and fabric?  Men?
  • Panty hose - The predecessor was heavy, dark woolen stockings.  Then came knitted hose, followed by "nylons" and finally, panty hose. Guys have legs, too - why no male version of panty hose (manty hose, perhaps?)?   
  • Girdles - No boydles?  And while I'm at it, I'd like to thank the Lord that the nursing school I attended got rid of the girdle requirement before I started attending.  I would have changed careers over it, or at least went to another nursing school.
  • Spanx - Do you really think men have nothing that needs tucked in?
  • Bras - Believe me, I've seen men who could use one.  Why don't they?
  • High heels - What is the idea behind high heels originally?  Don't get me wrong, I have loved high heels - not now, but at one time - and I think they're great looking.  But who was the first one to decide walking at an unnatural angle was a great idea for women?  And JUST women?
  • Bathing caps - I'm still looking for the pink petal-covered bathing cap from scout camp.  You'd have to see it to believe it, but it was the cutting edge of pool fashion. It was so ridiculous and tight that you'd rather not swim. It had a chin strap, just in case it came off - and buddy, I know why. That thing was so tight that if the chin strap snapped off and the cap went flying, some poor soul might get a head injury. But, all girls had to wear one in the pool because of hair - apparently it clogged the filter.  Unless you had boy hair.  When boys used the pool, no one made them cram their brain case into a cap.  And a lot of guys had hair longer than mine.

Notice a pattern?

In this age of gender equality, I'm going the extra mile and putting all uncomfortable, offending clothing items in a box on my porch for the next guy who comes along.


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo! It's true, my friend. You don't need to have all your facts straight before you post. I'll have you know that I regularly wear pantyhose, a bra and high heels. I'd look like a silly goose in my dresses if I didn't. :)

    Yessum, it seems like men love to put the squeeze on women in every possible way. As I'm sure you know, some of the articles of clothing you mentioned are fetish items. Extreme corseting, for example, is a practice designed to exaggerate the female figure to Barbie Doll proportions, but it impedes circulation and, over time, can lead to health problems. I am also reminded of cultures that required women to jam their feet into tiny shoes, resulting in a petite, doll like appearance but causing permanent deformity. It's unfortunate that the model of feminine perfection created and perpetuated by men has nothing to do with a woman's comfort or health.

    Dear Cherdo, I invite you to visit Shady Dell Music & Memories this Sunday because I will be giving you a special blog award. Have a great weekend and I hope to see you then, dear friend!

  2. Oh, Shady, that is an angle I didn't consider, and I forgot the foot binding. I saw x-rays of that once; how they thought that mashed deformity was pretty is beyond me.

    But then again, I never understood huge, teased helmet hair, either. And it ruled the 60's! My sissypoo had the greatest platinum blond tower of them all!

    Lastly, WOW! I will visit - I usually stop by daily, but if I do it on the phone, it's hard to one-finger type a comment (I find myself in a car a lot, waiting on Gonzo). Aren't you sweet? Can't wait!

    Have a shady, musical weekend.

  3. Some men complain about being forced to wear a tie. A tie is nothing compared to high heels, a girdle, or a corset. Those clothes were designed to keep women in their "place," which meant don't go anywhere.


  4. I think we women do it to ourselves. Men say, "To heck with that. I'm not going through pain to look good. Like it or leave it."

  5. Janie and Stephanie - I think you have the right ideas!!


Thanks for your personal yada, yada, yada,
Love, Cherdo