Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Whyday

It's Friday Whyday and I've been saving up a few questions for the general public:

  • Fashion:  I missed the latest memo about tucking in your shirt, so help me out. Once upon a time, everyone tucked in their shirt; in fact, if you didn't tuck in your shirt you looked unkempt. Then the shirts were out; more straight edges made this presentable. Now I notice that models just tuck a small part of the casual shirt in front behind the belt buckle. Who is making these fashion decisions? I think I am too old to care, but then I get these nagging questions.
  • Critical Thinking?: Faced with a tough question, I've noticed a tendency for the interviewed parties to include the phrase, "based on what I know, it looks like..."  Now, I'm no brain, but that sounds a heck of a lot like "I don't know." Based on what I know, of course. Aren't all comments based on something you actually know, unless you are running for office? Can I make comments based on what someone else knows - like a genius, perhaps?  'Cause that would really make me sound pretty good. Why limit myself?
  • Children: Somebody stand up and say that the "swim diaper" is a bad idea or at least delusional. Give the swim diaper a realistic name, like "solid waste containment pants" or "urine strainer." Mommies, have you heard of the $15 baby pool? It is an excellent cleanish option and the best part is that I'll never put my face in that water.
  • Meat: A short while ago, there was a massive beef recall in Tennessee - 1.8 million pounds of beef were contaminated with E. Coli. Before I make another e-coliburger, if ever, I was wondering if there was anyway they could make that information more useful for me to digest (no pun intended...well, maybe a little). I'd really like to see that number as a fraction, with the contaminated E. Coli beef amount as the numerator (top) and the amount of uncontaminated beef available to Tennesseans as the denominator (bottom). That would get my attention. As it is, I fear that 1,800,000 pounds of beef of 1,800,004 available pounds are packing poo germs.
  • Gary Oldham should hush.
  • Shows like American Ninja make me a little nuts, but even more so when they said that one of the contestants biggest challenges was diabetes. My ninja forecast always assumes the biggest challenge is that big, honkin' obstacle course or the lean, large muscled, buff challengers. But actually, it might be a Twinkie? Good to know.
  • Netflix, why do you torment me? I turned off cable to rely on random Netflix binge-watching. I thought we were partners. I even tried your own original shows. More movies, less television shows, please? I feel bad ignoring television shows when they're free on the big network channels and then ignoring them again on a paid service. The few I get interested in inevitably will have twelve episodes or less. I expect the world for $7.99. 
  • On a related note, Consumer Reports says we have a "frenemy" relationship with Netflix. We hate it and yet we can't stop using it. If that's true, man, we're lame. Is Netflix is our punishment for wimpie-ness? Well played, Netflix.

I don't care who you are, where you live or what you've done - just go have a good weekend.


  1. Hello, dear Cherdo! I broke loose from the family chaos long enough to come over and see you on the flipside. You got questions? Unfortunately, I ain't got no answers.

    * I don't know who or whom is driving fashion trends, but they're driving them into the ditch. I favor the formality of the past and do not embrace the modern, in your face, aggressively casual movement.

    * The people who use the phrase "based on what I know, it looks like..." usually ARE running for office. Are you ready for the fun-filled 2014 and 2016 election cycles?

    * I would be perfectly content to avoid red meat for the rest of my life.

    * I have a monkey on my back - a 10 hour a day Netflix habit. I used to tell myself I can quit anytime I want but now I admit I'm hooked for life. It's worse than Reefer Madness. :)

    Please have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Elections...ugh. I'm never ready, but I have been practicing the phrase "no viable candidate for Cherdo."

      I'm of the moderate fashion party - not formal, not Goodwill adorned. Just gimme some comfort and I am in my zone!

      Now, get back to having fun! Be well!

  2. I love Netflix. No feelings of enmity here. I stopped tucking in my shirt because it makes my stomach look even fatter than it is. About five years ago, my (adult) son and I went in a restaurant and the server asked when my baby was due, apparently thinking Favorite Young Man was the father. I wanted to strangle her. I am well past menopause and Favorite Young Man can do (and has done) much better than the likes of me. So I am against any tucking (and opposed to incest), and that is my fashion choice and I can do whatever I want because I am an adult and I paid my money and now I expect to see the show.


    1. The whole frenemy dynamic is that I love it one day, and despise it the next. I do know this - cable feels like extortion, so I will be Netflix's friend.

      A first grader poked me and insisted "there's a baby in there" once, so I feel your pain. I used that story for my stand up and I think my pals thought I made it up. Nope...I wish.

      Love the way you think,

    2. The one thing that irritates me about Netflix streaming is that I put movies in my list, and then suddenly some of them will say they're going to be available for about five more days. I can't watch all those movies in five days. Nothing should be taken away from me -- nothing!


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