Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hacks Are Whack

Why does the website 1000 Life Hacks start with Life Hack #1443?

I'll tell you why; because we overdo everything till we absolutely loathe it. You'd think the title would be self-limiting. Nope.  It is hack's turn to be over used, much like 24/7 is overused when a person wants to indicate "a lot."  Folks are doing it 24/7.

I've got my eye on you, hack.  Hack is one of those words that sneak up on you and the next thing you know, it's everywhere.  Life hacks, dinner hacks, laundry hacks, coupon hacks, parenting hacks...it is endless.

These are just tips, people.  Hints.  Plain, old info, perhaps.  Nothing really new about sharing helpful or unique tips.  Heloise did it for years.

KEEP CALM AND LIFE HACK AWAY will soon appear on a sign or t-shirt, I predict.

Does your dentist check your teeth and offer mouth hacks?

Did your postman give you stamp hacks when you inquired about  postage?

Do your children raise their hand during tests and ask their teacher for a  few hacks?  Hack, no!

By the way, parents, if your kid gets into your email or Facebook account because you saved your password or because they know your password, you have not been "hacked into."  Unless that kid programs and bypasses the security of your system, you have not been hacked.

And why would you brag about that?  It's illegal!  It's like saying little Billy did something so cute...he drove home in a car he just found parked on the street.  Sure, other kids commit felonies, but Billy is just so dang precious when he does it.

Quit saying it.  Find another way to pretend your child is a genius.  You can call that a Cherdo Hack, if you absolutely must.


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo! How the hack are ya? :)

    IMHO, hack is the new fail. :) (Yessum, I'm up to date on all the new lingo. Guess you could say I'm "hep to the jive."

    I agree that helpful hints used to be called "helpful hints." Breaking news used to be called "news." Shuckins, if a word was good enough for Baby Boomers, it should be good enough for those cotton pickin' young whippersnappers, the "millennials."

    These days it seems like there's a new word for every old thing and it only has a shelf life of a few months before it is considered obsolete and replaced by a new and "cooler" word. I'm aggin' it!

    Thank you for these useful and time saving Cherdo hacks. Folks like you and I don't really need them because we get more done by 5 am than the Marines do all day!

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend!

  2. You crack me up. It's one of the high points of the day - checking for the comment!

    The "word of the moment" always amazes me. Like you, I'm hip to 'em!

    I'm experimenting with a different posting time... Gonna give it a week.

    Blog on, buddy! Have a good day!

  3. I'm out of the loop. I had no idea "hacks" was used in this manner. Thanks for informatting me (Did I just invent a new word that will catch on? Probably not).


    1. If it is in my power, informatting will be the replacement of hacks.

      I'll see what I can do. :-)

      Linguistically yours,


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