Monday, June 9, 2014

Boys Kill Spider (News at 10)

There's nothing quite like a bunch o' boys;  they're a story in themselves every time they get together.

Anticipating a rainy day, we had friends over for lunch and board games. After several enjoyable hours, it was time for them to leave.  The boys and moms stood at the front door and gathered up belongings, put shoes on, and began to say our goodbyes.

"By the way, there's a huge spider upstairs in your bathtub, " JD remarked.   Immediately, the other boys chimed in.

"It's hairy and huge!"

"For real!  That's a giant spider!"

Their mom - my dear pal, Jackle - and I said simultaneously, "Why didn't you kill it?"

"You might have thought it was a pet", I snarked with amusement and added, "actually, it sleeps in the guest room."

There was a pause in all conversation.

"Go kill it,"  Jackle and I said in unison.

JD sat on the floor and began to take his shoes off.  This kid is just too polite, I thought, and so I told him, "Oh, honey, you don't need to take your shoes off."

"I'm gonna need these!" he announced with glee.

Looking at my son, Gonzo, I noted that his face was equally animated and both of the lanky, six foot-ish teens ran up the stairs.

The sound of battle filled the air, and they returned in a few minutes to tell us of their conquest. Armed with shoes a-flappin', JD had put his all into defeating the enemy Spiderzilla.  Gonzo had retrieved his fencing foil - apparently to make it a gentleman's bout with the deadly battle.  I'm sure he lunged the sixte, quarte, optava and septima with great vigor.  The spider may have died of heart failure or some sort of psychological breakdown at the site of the two of them.

THAT is what is great about boys, my peeps.  I never expect a boy to just step on a bug and I'm never disappointed.


  1. Hi, dear Cherdo! How's the newly crowned Miss Congeniality this morning? I was very proud to hand you the VBA trophy yesterday although I was temporarily blinded and disoriented by that mob of paparazzi and their flash bulbs. I'm told you made a spectacle of yourself at the after party, my dear! :)

    I suppose I'm not a typical boy because I don't like to kill anyone or anything. If I find a spider, palmetto bug or other harmless insect intruder in the house I typically find a container, catch them and escort them outdoors where they belong. (I make an exception for mosquitoes and roaches because they can transmit disease.) I believe that sparing the lives of creatures, no matter how repugnant they might be, is good karma and saves me the trouble of having to clean up



    Have a happy Monday, dear friend Cherdo!

  2. To celebrate, I accompanied my pal on a jaunt to Oxford, Mississippi, and back in one day to prove we are not mortal. In hindsight, it's a looooong jaunt...more like a trek.

    The paparazzi are relentless! Purchase my autograph and photo at high priced personal appearances, like decent people do! Oh, the humanity...

    I'm surrounded by fields and anything I can do to win the war with nature...well, I try to get an edge on the competition. Most days - bugs win.

    Announcing my VBA awards soon! Have a good week!

  3. Wonderfully hilarious and true.



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