Friday, June 13, 2014

Then and Now

Hey, it's a bloghop (and I don't even know what that is - yet, I participate).  Am I not the fun flipster, or what?  

All the participants are blogging about a movie that they loved when they were younger, and how they see it differently now.  The movie I chose was Carousel, a 1956 film adaption of the Rogers and Hammerstein stage play.  It starred Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae.

Opening scenes find the main character, Billy Bigelow, in heaven, and goes on to tell the tale of this big, brute of a carny and the sweet, innocent Julie who falls for him (while he was on Earth, of course).  Billy is telling his story to the Starkeeper, in hopes of returning to the earth for one day. Flashback...

When I was young, I thought this was so romantic.  The couple had so many things stacked against them, people were openly hostile to their union, but Billy stood by Julie (pregnant at an important juncture in the tale...preventing Billy from leaving her and returning to the prestigious carnival barker trade in a totally non-got-ya way).  

Young Me:  Everyone is against this relationship - friends, family and skeptical lowlifes. All conclude that there is no way it will work - but they still believe in their love!  Hey, it wasn't Billy's fault he got fired from the carnival!  His lady-boss was jealous of his new love, Julie.  He had to do whatever he could to provide for his newbie family!  Don't be a hater because it was criminal!  Billy decides he needs to get money "the old fashioned (criminal) way" and falls on his knife in the process.  Cue You'll Never Walk Alone... sniff, a tissue?  Billy returns to earth fifteen years later, sees the stress his daughter, Louise, deals with because she is the child of a carny.  He appeared to her, but he is the same old pushy Billy...she runs to her mother, Julie, and the movie infers that Julie realizes Billy is there, even though she can't see him.  Heartfelt feelings of love and loss bubble up.  Could someone sing You'll Never Walk Alone again at Louise's graduation?  Fade to black.  

Old Me:  Dang, girl...  Julie, there's a zillion men out there, and you picked a carny?  Why didn't some of those well meaning friends get you involved in a few meet and greets, eh?  If everyone is against you and your boo, there might be something to it.  Your guy is a troublemaker, and he'll make you a very personal batch o' trouble, too.  Run, girl, RUUUUNNNN.  Go to college or something!  Never trust a man who wears his pants that high-waisted.  He's up to no good.

But the music of Roger & Hammerstein really holds up.  Ah, a musical love fest.  I'll sing You'll Never Walk Alone and If I Loved You in the shower today, I'm sure.

But, to recap - girls...chose wisely.


  1. To answer a question...yes, it was filmed before I was born, but reruns rule on 60s and 70s television.

  2. "Hey girl, you lookin' good, up here where the air is,
    you and Big Tasty on a wheel by Ferris.
    Up and up we go, I know you gonna ask it,
    How we gettin' down from this sexy floatin' basket?
    Stop at the top, is it just our luck?
    Or did I tip that carny an extra 14 bucks?"
    - "Ferris Wheel" by Big Tasty

    Hello again, dear Cherdo!

    I've spent so much time today writing jokes for you that I've developed carpal tunnel. (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    Thanks to you, my life has become a merry-go-round, a funhouse and a dunk tank all rolled into one. (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    Some of my best friends are carnies. I once juggled simultaneous relationships with the bearded lady and Sally - the Tilt-A-Whirl girl! (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    I agree with "Old me." Julie could have set her sights a little higher. If she would have played it smart and registered on Christian Mingle, God himself would have picked the perfect fella for her! (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    I had a bad experience on Christian Mingle. Apparently, my soul mate, the one person on earth God thinks is my perfect match, turned out to be Pee Wee Herman! (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    For our first date Pee Wee suggested I meet him at a movie theater. (BA-DUM BUMP)

    It was nice to meet you here "at the hop," dear friend Cherdo! Have a Shady weekend!

    1. I'm gonna hear that drum in my head all day, ha ha. Do I owe you a royalties check for jokes? Take care and have a great weekend.

  3. I laughed the entire way through your today's opinion. What appears romantic when we're younger often isn't so much but yeah, that song did a lot of graduation days.

  4. 'Old Me: Dang, girl... Julie, there's a zillion men out there, and you picked a carny?'


    I'd read a book by you, Cherdo. :)

    1. That made me smile - thanks, Suze! Have a carny-free day.

  5. Great post! I don't know Carousel but I've heard it's one that doesn't hold up so well now - apart from the music, as you point out. Thanks for joining us!

    1. You know, people these days just don't get the old "feel good feeling" from people singing "This was a real nice clambake..." like they did way back when.

  6. I didn't see this movie until I was an adult, so I was troubled by it as soon as Billy hit Julie, who does, indeed, walk alone.


  7. Hahaha---I was totally going to make a comment about his high pants, but you beat me to it.

    Listen to those who care about you and choose wisely. Excellent advice.

  8. I love the way you did this! I've never seen that movie, but now I want to.

  9. Love Rodgers & Hammerstein! I saw Carousel on stage. Your comment "Damn, girl" cracked me up ha ha.

  10. I haven't seen this movie, but I had to laugh at your older you reaction. I can relate :)

  11. So bad. I really didn't like the movie or the music. No matter where you went that song " you never walk alone" was sung by over dramatic singer was everywhere
    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh my ears are still bleeding.
    Also it wasn't the fact he was a carney it was because he is a jerk.
    Run Julie run and don't stop till your at lest four states away.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Oh my god, your post made me laugh so hard! Especially the line about the high-waisted pants (reminds me of John Raitt's high-waisted pants in 'Pajama Game' - he seemed like a good guy though!) I have never seen this movie, but I am certainly inspired to now!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at our Bloghop!

    Nancy at Hungry Enough To Eat Six

  13. SOOO funny.... Thanks for your "new" opinion...RUN! LOL.

    Have to say one thing though, R and H musicals are the best! The story lines may not be, but the music always is AMAZING... this one no exception.


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