Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sister Pics: The Reveal

Never let it be said that I ignore my readers' requests.

For all sisters, everywhere, this has been a public service announcement. You'll thank me later. It's not too late for you to still live a normal, productive life...

[I apologize if you got this twice! Of course, I found a typo. Argh...]


  1. Profiles in courage, dear Cherdo! Whodathunk you'd really post these pics, but doggone it, you did it! Thank you! They're going viral even as we speak! :)

    Well hey, I don't know why you felt so ashamed of your mother's creation. I'm just a dumb guy but I think you look very nice. I would have been delighted to have you on my arm at the dance (until my circulation got cut off). Your sister had big hair but so did every woman back then. I'm at a loss. Help me, Janie Junebug! Please weigh in on this post!

    To sum it up, it's not nearly as bad as you think or thought. Take it from me, Shady Del Knight, a connoisseur of women - Audrey and Judy Landers ain't got nothin' on you girls!

  2. Yes, we need a Janie moment, too! Love her two cents, every time.

    Part of the "flipside" mentality is that you just don't sweat this stuff nearly as much as you once did. No one ever befriended me because I was a snappy dresser, so I'm not sure why I thought that would kill my small social circle.

    We live and learn.

  3. Back in the day, I had two sets of senior photos taken. The first, with a bow tie, came out ultra goofy. The second, with a straight tie, was much better. The second hung on the wall of my parents' house. The first, of course, was the one that made it into the yearbook.

    1. Rightly so! Those high school friends don't ever take us that seriously. In my "oh so serious", feeling musical days, I had one of my Senior pictures done with my guitar.

      Then I immediately thought, "My friends will taunt me till the day I die." Or worse yet, they won't say anything...they'll just THINK it. Who does she think she is, Ann Wilson?

      In retrospect, I was a big ole' chicken. Now, I'm on the flipside, though...


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