Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters

Andrew Shaffer has figured out a way to make me laugh out loud at least once per chapter in his latest offering for the fearful masses. You know the laugh I'm talking about: that embarrassing, snorting, spit-your-drink laugh that is usually reserved for responding to your funniest friends' antics. Shaffer accomplished that with his book, How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters - Fight back when monsters and mother nature attack!  Fin Shepard and April Wexler, both of the film Sharknado fame, add some important contributions to the book. Most fictional characters wouldn't bother to chime in, so I'm thankful for that.

Part one addresses the unnatural disasters we need to avoid.  Do you feel like you don't need a detailed examination of unnatural disasters? It's a two parter, folks. Wisely, Shaffer knew that it would be a shame to survive a sharknado or a boaricane, only to find yourself in the clutches of a Mongolian Death Worm or Piranaconda (covered nicely in part two).

This book should usher in a new category: hilarity while under attack. Disaster movie lovers will flock to this book and the sci-fi fans will buy up all the copies before John Q. Public has a fighting chance to procure his own copy. You've been warned.

Each section is broken down into Study, Avoid and Survive (SAS). By studying the historical incidents and learning the pitfalls, Shaffer points you in the direction of survival with his tips and assistance from Fin Shepard. I loved the graphic rating scales for Threat to Humanity and Risk of Encounter, but Fin's WTF (Wow That's Freaky) factor came straight from his inner surfer. From "Gnarly" to "Beyond Human Comprehension," you'll want to keep the book handy to assess the level of freakdom you might find yourself up against. 

Why risk an unexpected showdown with a Electrokracken flinging hallucinogenic black ink your way? Follow the instruction in the Electrokracken section of the guide and survive.  Avoid the vocation of commercial fisherman! Wear Crocs, if you're a hobby fisherman; you increase your odds dramatically. Shaffer reminds us that every fisherman will be laughing at your choice of footwear, but "they won't be laughing when they're dead."

Make sure you take the Shepard Survival Assessment Test at the end. Reading the book is one thing, but being able to think clearly and act when the New Dawn doomsday cult knocks on your door or the firenado sets your house ablaze is crucial.

Memorize the book, people, and be careful out there.

[I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review, and I'm happy to oblige.]


  1. Okay, I laughed out loud myself at "they won't be laughing when they're dead." And this is just the review! Sounds like a lot of fun, a great spoof of the Worst Case Scenario franchise.

    1. This book is great; it was hard to settle on a quote. I wanted to quote whole chapters, ha ha.





    Good morning, dear Cherdo! I love movies that are so bad they're great along with books inspired by them. It's a little known fact that Sharknado is based a true story, even the part where Fin cuts his way out of a shark with a chainsaw, proving once again that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

    Sharknado gave Ian Ziering's career a much needed shot in the arm and turned him into a bankable action hero. In addition to returning as Fin in the Sharknado sequel, Ziering stars in another new sci-fi flick. Reprising his role as Steve Sanders, Ziering time travels back to Beverly Hills circa 1990 and saves the world by battling a seemingly invincible army of Shannen Dohertys.

    I hope your week's off to a super start, dear friend Cherdo. Let's meet back here again tomorrow, okay?

    1. We were slow to hop on the Sharknado band wagon, so we didn't see it the first time around. But, by the time it aired for a second showing, The Family (insert mob undertones) watched it and just howled at the ridiculousness. Which I love! I'm all about weird and ridiculous.

      Do you know what is NOT weird or ridiculous: SHADY DELL MUSIC AND MEMORIES! I go their for all my "feel good" needs! It's totally saber toothed tiger free! No Mothman or Bigfoot (do big feet count?).

      My new schedule for this year has me feeling ever so slightly human. What a relief.

      Hope you're having a good Monday, and an ever-improving week, SDK!

  3. I've got to ask, have you ever read "The Zombie Survival Guide"? It was published in 2003 and probably helped kick off the whole zombie obsession that's been going on. Max Brooks also wrote "World War Z".

    1. Samuel, I have read that one! Loved it, and actually thought World War Z was one of the more interesting zombie flicks.Total creep factor worked. The scene in Israel where the zombies start piling up and get over the wall...zikes!! Remember - in the zombie apocalypse, we will have to borrow Stephen King's dome.

  4. I actually thought immediately of The Zombie Survival Guide mentioned above when I saw this. I thought, 'How many books are there providing tips on surviving things that will never happen?" Apparently at least 2!

  5. There can never be too much fun. Life is short, but shorter if you can't survive a boaricane...


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