Friday, September 5, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - Sept. 5

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"Whatcha looking at?"
Some of the things I celebrate this week:

  1. My Dad would have been 88 this week. It sounds like a sad thing to celebrate, having said "would have," but I'm grateful for all the time we had him. He was a character, and my favorite picture of him has his signature smirk; the picture was taken while we were mocking my mom - a favorite pastime (she loves it, too).
  2. I'm glad that my widowed Mom is healthy, active, outgoing and chatty. She's running circles around most of us as we speak. She attends line dance classes, does handiwork, goes out to lunch and dinner with her pals and jets around occasionally. A few years ago, we took a Mediterranean cruise together and stomped about Spain, France, Germany (for an hour), Monaco, Sicily and Italy. She could out-walk me. Age is a state of mind, believe me. It's hard being alone, I'm sure. I'm glad she does it with such style.
  3. Blogging has been fun this week. There are a lot of fun bloggers out there in blogdom. I'm glad I know a few.
  4. Lots of projects; lots of progress. Ooooo, I love projects.
  5. My schedule has been pared back to allow me to get back to some hobbies. My little art room feeds my soul's need for creativity.
  6. The garden is finally winding down. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm glad. I'm getting tired of trying to figure out what else I can make with jalapenos.  Apparently, Hubzam and I are genius jalapenos farmers (don't ask me what we're doing right...we have no clue). We can't grow a melon to save our souls. We just put things in holes in the dirt, and some of the things really, really like that dirt and so, they grow...a lot.
  7. Now, tell me something you celebrated this week in the comments section. Come on, you have at least one celebration in you; don't wimp out.
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  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo! It's nice to see a picture of your father. Although you miss him and are experiencing twinges of sadness during this the week of his birthday, it's good to know that you have reframed it into a celebration of his life and the time you spent with him. Next month my dad would have been 101. Can you imagine? I can't. Makes me feel old.

    Bless your mom! Seems like she gets more done before 5 am than the Marines do all day. Model her attitude and behavior, Cherdo. Think young, act young, be young.

    Remember the Dell rat motto: Never grow up, never grow old.

    I can relate to your garden producing jalapenos and little more. Mrs. Shady has a garden and we have radishes and peppers out the kazoo. The veggies I eat regularly, like cukes and tomatoes, do not grow well and the yield is disappointing.

    It was another great week of blogging and that is indeed reason to celebrate. The love of a genuine friend lifts you up when you are down. It was a joy to see the cartoon you made in celebration of the friendship that you and Janie and I have built. Go to my latest blog post and read the wacky three part comment that Janie left. When a blogger feels comfortable calling you a smart ass and writing all those other crazy things on your blog, it means they know you well and know you can take a joke. It means you have done your part to make them feel welcome and safe when they visit your blog and they have done the same when you're in their "house." That's what the three of us have accomplished here and to me it's a beautiful thing,

    Thank you for another wonderful week of blogging and true blue friendship, dear Cherdo. Have a safe and happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for being a big part of the fun of blogging! I mean that sincerely.

    I yak with my Mom several times a week (when I can catch her home!). Every time, I say a little prayer of gratitude for her get up and go. Long ago, I worked with the elderly. So many leave this world after years of suffering or infirmity. No one wants that for their family, but it happens.

    I do have a good deal of determination NOT to grow up. What would be the point? I'm responsible in all the areas that matter, and my Hubzam - the most loving and loyal husband ever - is on board with not grow up, too. Perfect.

    If I feel the need to say smartWORD, I am honored that you'll let me get away with it (and visa versa).

    People, this is how real friends act. They support each other, laugh together, and bring the other guy up when he is down. You certainly do that for me, so it is true blue! Now, go have some fun! The weekend is here in less than 24 hours. :-)

  3. I'm celebrating my laughter over your blog posts, our comments to one another, and what Shady wrote about my comments on his post. I celebrated Labor Day this week, too. It was so nice that Willy Dunne Wooters had a long weekend. It's great that your mom has such a good time, but I'm sorry your dad is gone. My dad died 24 years ago (hard to believe). I still miss him.

    I hope you have a lumgucious weekend. My dad would have adored your jalapenos.


    1. If we can get one great laugh a week, we'll be so far ahead of the average person on the street that we should feel guilty...but we won't. Between the three of us, it shouldn't be hard.

      My Dad passed thirteen years ago. It still feels weird when I visit my hometown.

      Have a great weekend and do whatever you want to do or give 'em what fer.

      Love, Cherdo

    2. My dad also passed away 13 years ago, Cherdo. Get this. My father died on Christmas Day 2001. Amazingly, his father, my grandfather, also died on Christmas day! As you can imagine, I have mixed emotions every year when the holiday season rolls around (and I don't go skydiving or bungee jumping on that particular day of the year).

      Here is the tribute to my father that I published on the 100th anniversary of his birth:

    3. Aww, that was so sweet, I teared up. Beautiful.

    4. My dad died on Memorial Day. I know it's a different date every year, but I always think of it as Memorial Day. Perfect day for a vet to die.

  4. That is sweet to remember your father and the good memories. When birthdays and holidays come around, I have mixed feelings about people who passed, feeling both sad yet happy they were in my life.

    I also love projects.

    1. Yes, I was really close to my great grandma, and I still feel sentimental around her birthday, too.

  5. Blogging has been fun this week! I'm celebrating putting the final copyedits for 25 Roses in the mail. Now I have to write the acknowledgments and dedication.

  6. Our big celebration at our house this week: our daughter turned 11. She shares a birthday with my grandmother, who would have been 106. They missed each other by six years. My daughter reminds me of Grandma a lot, even looks like her sometimes.

    1. Awww, that makes the day even sweeter.

      My favorite grandma (a great grandma, technically) was born in 1893, and I often think about how old she would be this year (121! Yikes!).

  7. Great picture of your Dad and lovely that you are celebrating with your happy memories of him. :-)

    1. Thanks, Kirsten! I took a stroll over to your blog the other day...nice!


Thanks for your personal yada, yada, yada,
Love, Cherdo