Thursday, September 11, 2014


Art lovers of all ages, if you love to draw and want to try your hand at some fun projects, I have a suggestion: Draw-a-Saurus: Everything You Need to Know to Draw Your Favorite Dinosaurs by James Silvani. This colorful, engaging book would be a hit with any dinosaur enthusiast, but I would not be so shortsighted as to dub this a book for children only. Clearly, Silvani had a wider audience in mind when he penned - and penciled - this fun, informative book. 

I may be a lost sibling of Silvani's dino-doodling clan, as we share this love of drawing prehistoric lizards and their cousins. The difference is that Silvani actually has talent, and not just for drawing! His step-by-step explanations contain information for all skill levels. The process is easy to follow and packed with humor-infused tips and focused instruction on the characteristics of many different classes of dinosaurs. Helpful comparisons to modern creatures are given for the budding artist, too.

Commentaries on the a wide array of dinosaurs merge art and education: "Since the apatosaurus spent so much time feeding among the trees, forest camouflage might work better for it, " Silvani writes. 

Descriptions of species are clear and concise, but with a comedic twist. Ornithopods are shown walking, running, gossiping and kissing - with a comment from "the editor," lamenting Dino cooties. Realistic renderings are side by side with polka-dotted creatures or plaid-wearing "hipster hip" dinosaurs that were "too cool to talk about," Silvani reminds us. 

In a nutshell, it's so much more than an art book. It's educational and pre-hysterical.

[I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review. It's sort of a Jurassic perk.]


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    I'm so used to seeing a new post from you at the crack of dawn that I freaked when I didn't find one today. I came down with the sweats and threw up three times from worrying until your post finally popped into my stream. I am relieved to know that you are alive and well.

    Don't sell yourself short, dear friend. You DO have drawing talent. You just drew a compliment from me, didn't you?

    Kissing dinosaurs? That gives me an idea to take it a step further. Think of it - a whole series of books in the "Dinoerotica" category - filled with naughty illustrations of the giant beasts doing the nasty. This could be BIG, I tell ya!

    Since childhood I have been fascinated by dinosaurs. Around age five my parents bought me a collection of high quality lifelike plastic models which I loved to display and upon which I built stories and scenarios. To this day I am attracted to illustrated books about dinosaurs. Draw-A-Saurus sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas gift giving!

    Have a wonderful Thursday, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Shady, you have morning sickness. It must be sympathy morning sickness because you feel bad for the Duchess of Cambridge.

    2. Keep it clean, Shady - I gotta look my short friends in the eye. LOL.

      I'm touched that you missed my early morning post. I've never, ever been vomit FOR, but I may have turned a few stomachs. Wednesday was big run from dusk to dawn day, I was about to drop and I just said to myself, "What the hay - I'll put it up tomorrow."

      I loved Dinosaurs, too - from the geeky side. I had a set of encyclopedias in my bedroom that I read over and over, and dinos were a favorite topic.

      I DID have some scary character models (Vampires, Mummy, etc.). No use going to bed and not scaring yourself to death.

      Take care of that empathy morning sickness, or the Duchess won't invite you to the christening. Have a good day!

  2. The book sounds cute. All I can draw are stick figures. Would it make a good Christmas gift for a young teenage boy? I always seek interesting gifts for the great nieces and nephews so they'll remember that Great Aunt Janie is the cool one.


    1. This would be a perfect gift for a young teenaged boy. I'd put some paper and markers in there with it. If they didn't think you were cool before, you'd be in the winner's circle after.


  3. I can't draw--no talent at all in that area. This book sounds great!

    1. I really like it. Kids would go nuts over it.

  4. What a wonderful and interesting concept. I don't draw as much as I used to and miss sketching dearly.

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