Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let's Discuss...Tally Hall

Tally Hall: Still wonky; still fabloo
(I have no idea where this picture came from, or I'd give full credit. Let's just say "somewhere on the Internet")

For some reason, I didn't sleep well last night and it is catching up with me. Nothing unusual there, I have all the aches and pains associated with my age and a lifetime of abusing my body. Oh, stop right there, I'm not talking about drug or drink, dat ain't me. I'm talking about breaking important laws, like the Law of Gravity. Wearing heels that abused my feet are another source of flipster discomfort - those days are gone, but the ache remains. Often, I've told my friends that I ski like the "agony of defeat" scene on the sports promo. I've broken both ankles, been hit by a car, torn a rotor cuff (I suspect the count is two rotor cuffs now), had surgeries on my wrist and twice stepped in holes someone made by removing telephone poles - what are the odds? For me, the odds are really good that something is going to happen. Admittedly, I've earned my aches and pains.

To top it off, I've pinched a nerve in my back and I continue to do something or another that pinches that nerve on a regular basis. Chronic discomfort, my new friend, I can count on you. What do you want in your coffee?

All that must have impacted the dream I had last night that interfered with my sleep.

Since the early days of MTV and VH1, I have been obsessed with music videos. Seeing the actual performer in action just thrills me, and back when MTV actually played music videos, I was hooked. Of course, those days are gone (what is wrong with you, MTV?). 

Consequently, I'm seen a million videos. Some songs get stuck in my head, and I walk around humming the tune for days. Others really push my buttons - certain genres that have come along irritate me to no end. Really bad language in song, for example, ruins it for me. Who wants to sing words I try not to say - or feel like you have to censor the radio for kids? Call me uptight (under your breath, no need to post it in a know who you are and I know who I am; let's quick beating that dead horse).

The video I'm linking was in my dream, and it's not the first time I've dreamed about it. The group is called Tally Hall, and the video is Banana Man

If you've never heard of them, Tally Hall is an American rock band out of Ann Arbor that has a bit of a cult following. Band members have described their music as "wonky rock" and "fabloo rock," both terms mean zip to me. 

There's something about the Banana Man video that gives me the creeps, even though I like the music.  Is it the parrotmen? The weird eyes made out of ping pong balls? The red parrotman gyrating in front of the flames? He looks a bit demonic. I like to keep my demons out of my videos, if possible.

Let's discuss...hit it, magic video genie...

Licensed psychiatrists and psychologists, feel free to chime in on the possible reasons why I would dream about this quirky song. Why fling a co-pay out the window, it's not that big of an issue...

Veterinarians, do you understand why I'll never get a parrot now?

Blogger pals, Romans, Countrymen: Have a banana and give me your impression in the comments.  


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    That's a long 4 minutes 42 seconds, isn't it? :) I agree that the Tally Hall video for "Banana Man" is irritating and creepy. It is not the kind of song or video that I want to have stuck in my head for days on end. I hope you haven't infected me!

    I'm old and never heard of Tally Hall so I needed to do some extra reading about these quirky Ann Arbor indie poppers. Seems like they put together a solid plan to gain widespread exposure by flooding the internet with their songs, videos, movies and comedy sketches, putting together collaborations with other artists, commercial tie-ins and promotions, establishing their own website and internet show, playing at the cool music festivals around the country and making appearances on Craig Ferguson's hip late night TV show.

    Different strokes for different folks. Tally Hall (named after a shopping center) isn't my cup of tea, at least not with "Banana Man," but millions love the song, the video and the band and who are we to tell them they're wrong?

    You and I are really in sync, Cherdo, because last night I began work on a new blog series called "Is it just me... or is this just wrong?" In the series I will present songs and videos that were considered cute and funny at the time of their release decades ago but which now seem creepy, offensive or even deeply disturbing. I've been debating myself about presenting the series because I run the risk of offending readers with the content; but maybe it's useful for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to discuss what was and is being produced for the mass consumption of young people.

    Thank you for giving me food for thought with "Banana Man," dear friend Cherdo. Have a wonderful Thursday!

    1. Thanks for the comment (always!), I wondered if it was just me - I do that with many things that others find popular. Your opinion is in line with mine. The creepy parrot guys....shiver.

      The risk of offending readers....ah, that is always an issue. But, at some point, you just have to say this is my opinion, and if you're threatened by a different opinion this may not be the planet you want to live on. I find that everyone throws their thoughts on personal freedoms and rights, but in reality we are losing the right to just be yourself every day.

      Let's rebel. No one would expect flipster rebellion. Someone call Janie - are you in? I'm going to strike out with my own opinions, and no one can stop me! I'm power mad!

      After the rebellion, have a great Thursday!

    2. I'm in, but I doubt Janie will join the rebellion. Janie strikes me as too shy, strait-laced, prim and proper to get involved. :)

    3. HA! Shady's comment makes me want to let loose with a string of curses and real-life stories about my marriage and working at newspapers and in a nursing home. I've never been about anything other than rebellion, even if my rebellion was against something I invented. Shady, make sure you include that song (I might not have the words right) He Hit Me and It Felt Like A Kiss.

    4. Will do, dearie. I already have the post finished and scheduled to run next month after my Honeys series. I'm counting on you to comment on it (unless you're too timid! :)

  2. CHERDO ~
    When I think of the glory days of MTV I am mentally transported back in time to the very early 1980s. Back then, a few of my friends and I were working in the movie business. The money was good, so we didn't need to work 5 days a week. I probably averaged about 3 days of work per week, and it was all I wanted and needed because just those few days left me with plenty of money to do whatever I wanted, such as take road trips, go to concerts, engage in an active night life, etc. So I basically made my own hours, calling in for jobs when I wanted one.

    What that meant is that it gave my friends and I a lot of time to sit around on the sofa all afternoon, watching one MTV video after another while drinking beer for hours at a stretch. (Ambitious we wuzn't.)

    But those were some great, relaxing times and I wish I could recapture them, but that sure ain't a-ever gonna happen.

    The four music videos I remember most distinctly because they were my favorites and were constantly in the MTV rotation were 'MONEY FOR NOTHING' by Dire Straits, John Fogerty's 'THE OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD' (where the camera tracked his electric guitar cord through the woods and wherever it led to), 'YOU GOT LUCKY' by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (one of my favorite bands back then), and best of all, 'COME ON EILEEN' by Dexy's Midnight Runners. That video was kind chaotic but filled with the same sort of exuberance and energy that we boys all had back then. That song, more than any other, takes me back to a long gone "Laughing Place" and stage of innocence.

    Ahh, those were the years... and I can actually even remember parts of them (due to the photographs that were taken).

    Thanks for inspiring my stroll down Amnesia Lane!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Okay, it's over a year later and I just now saw that I never responded to this comment...I'm sorry, dear buddy. I must have had a small blog stroke.

      My friends and I kept MTV on the tube like a visual radio. I miss real live video television.

  3. I couldn't stop thinking of that bug eyed photo of Salvador Dali!

    1. Which now has me looking up all kinds of images of Dali and his works! I can't thank you enough Cherdo!

    2. I serve at your majesty's pleasure.

  4. This happens rarely, but provided the "seniority" of participants in this conversation, it seems necessary to comment, with all due respect…

    I made this video for a college video art class project in 2003. It wasn't the product of a multi-national corporation
    spewing cash; I was a film/video student left to my own devices, so I figured I'd bring in the college band (we were all great pals then) and pay homage to MTV (cynical and overtly disrespectful to the public as it had become) to boot. There were no plans to gain international visibility whatsoever, and the video never blew up on television; it was a (very) flash-in-the-pan viral video pre-YouTube. The band had simply uploaded the video to its website. Then, businesspeople (elders) we trusted started pulling us this way and that, and the whole thing spun out of proportion. Really, you were never supposed to see it.

    Re: the pinched nerve, perhaps consider sitting on a Swiss ball (~$13 on Amazon) instead of at a desk chair, etc.


    1. The alternate title was Tally Hall, Stuuffff of Dreams, ha ha.

      Ponder this, Joe...your film project accidently received more fame than many people ever get while desperately trying to achieve fame. The crafting of the video is great, and funny...but then, the parrot guys haunt my dreams... I play this on a list of favorites while I work; usually 'round midnight, and in all likelihood, this was the last one I heard. [Insert maternal hug here]

      Thanks for the comment; it made my day. And the tip ... but you know I'll fall off of the ball. Geezers...can't shut 'em up, can't keep 'em upright.


    2. It's almost like the intern who invented the Nike swoosh. Almost. I used to go to exercise classes where we sat on those balls (that sounds so naughty). I always fell off. I was embarrassed until The Hurricane told me she always falls off, too.

    3. I have no idea why Stuff turned to Stuuffff on that post. Android, you are my enemy.

  5. I think MTV has more than one channel now, and on one of them they play music videos. Did you ever watch Pop-Up Video? Might have been on VH-1. Loved it. Just loved it, but then I got too old to read the print. That banana video has totally freaked me out. I will be up all night so I can avoid the nightmares.

    Janie, The Queen of Grammar AND Rebellion

    1. It would please you to know that I replied to this and my comment disappeared.

      Hubzam and I loved Pop-Up Videos; I'm a music trivia nut and I thought that was the best thing on the tube.

      If you dream about the parrots, I will freak out. That is MY go-to dream.

      Cherdo, Queen of America (according to Hubzam)

  6. Replies
    1. Miraculously, your comments are still on my blog, too, bad girl!

  7. Under-appreciated aspect of the music video phenomenon: it was fantastic for the short film industry.

    I can totally understand some of those stranger videos giving one nightmares, especially that one!

    1. The parrot guys...that's the part that gets me.

  8. I haven't seen this one! Interesting. I remember seeing the video for Fish Heads in the 80s and thinking it was the most bizarre video I'd ever seen. "Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads. Fish heads fish heads, eat them up, yum!" Song's still stuck in my head today. Later I learned that Bill Paxton directed it--and he's even in it. I think that building where Xanadu was set is featured in it at the beginning--that building has since been torn down. Here's the video if you're curious:

    1. Wow! I remember the Fish Heads video! Thanks for the link! Didn't know Bill Paxton had anything to do with it, though. Do you remember his as the big brother in Weird Science?

      Xanadu was one movie that wasn't all that good, but I liked a lot of the music. Love Olivia Newton-John dancing with Gene Kelly and the scene with The Tubes.

  9. I've never seen this video. I used to love watching music videos, although I've never dreamed about them. They were interesting, the songs were fresh, and there were channels and shows that exclusively played them. Today I catch things on YouTube.

    1. Me, too - I actually watch a lot of BBC (like Time Team) on YouTube.

      But I love music videos - it's the next best thing to seeing a live concert. Gotta see the artist performing the song to fully appreciate it.

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