Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 Days Till Halloween: Scary Things I Do With My Dog

No one loves their dog more than I love Coco Loco. She is simultaneously the most amazing and equally annoying dog on the planet. It's scary how much time I spend serving the needs of this creature.

I've addressed her ball obsession in the past, but let me just refresh your memory: she wants to play ball all day...all stinking day...without a rest. She'll do endless tricks for the pleasure of your best throw. If you decide to do anything else she will give you a hard nudge - she will not be denied.

To drag out the ball game, I'll ask her to drop it in a specific location and then say, "I've changed my mind...can you put it here instead?" and point to another spot. She has moved it up to twenty-eight times before she just stands and stares at me. I counted, of course. I care about accuracy. Scary...that I actually counted it.

Coco would like for her bowl to always have food in it, even if she is not hungry. As soon as she eats in the morning, she leaves the bowl and scratches on the refrigerator. Why? Because we keep the dog food on top of the frig. I can almost read her mind as she glares at me: "The bowl is empty! Fill it immediately! Why do you people wait? What if I want a nibble before supper?"

Once I fill it, she walks away, disgusted by my lack of attention to her dietary compulsions. It's scary that I've played along for years.

If Coco runs out of water, she'll grab the bowl and throw it at me. Apparently, low water level in the bowl is a very touchy, hot button, deeply personal issue with her. She may have read that you can survive longer without food than water.

It's scary that I'm trying to rationalize my dog's obsessive quirks.

One of the great things about Coco is that she is always game to dress up for Halloween. In fact, anything that involves kids thrills her. Trying on the costume for a picture was a hassle, though - there were no kids! What is the point? She was totally disgusted, once again, at my demands that were not in line with her expectations. She pouted (the other thing she is really good at).

When Coco remembered that the costume had a BALL and chain for her foot, she didn't want to take it off - now it was interesting! She nudged my hand away. Note the blue ball, ever present, tucked away by the chair. Scary fixation.

The scariest thing I do with my dog is talk to her like she is human, take her picture, blog about her, yada, yada, yada... Pick one.

Coco: "I must sleep now, human. No more interviews."


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    Coco Loco is a beautiful girl. I can see that she gets her looks from you, her mommy. (She has your eyes.)

    Halloween was my dog Toto's favorite night of the year. As dusk approached on trick-or-treat night she always knew something was happening because she watched me cleaning the sidewalk, opening bags of candy and dumping it in bowls and anxiously looking out windows on two sides of the house to check and see if groups of goblins were on the prowl. Excited by my strange activity, Toto always started barking in giddy anticipation as if to say "Let the show begin. Bring on the kiddos!" Darkness fell across the land and Toto positioned herself in the front window where she remained for hours watching, wagging her stubby tail and barking as little visitors came to the door and paraded up and down the street, some riding on flatbed trucks and hay wagons, Many of the trick-or-treat kids remembered Toto from year to year and were happy to see her greeting them in the window. Last year at Halloween several kids asked "Where's your little dog?" Halloween just isn't the same anymore without Toto here to join the fun.

    Toto was the same as Coco. She insisted on having everything her way. She monopolized our time, wore us out with her high maintenance demands and made plenty of messes. When her brief life was over and our house was once again nice and quiet and tidy and orderly, I wished with all my heart that I could press rewind and have her back again as a puppy and start over.

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Coco thanks you - she had many fans, but you have risen to the top.

      The GREAT think about Coco, truly great, is that she never makes a mess or chews things that shouldn't be chewed. Annoying persistence is her main "flaw" (not really a flaw...). She was the easiest dog to housebreak that I've ever had. Once she gets what you want her to do, she is rigid in her habits. If I could be that way, I'd rule the world.

      Like you, I've mourned some really great dogs. My previous dog was Cleo - I had her for 18 1/2 years. The void was nearly unbearable after she passed. I waited three months or so, then I got Coco. It was a long three months.

      If I could wear my hair like Coco, I'd be elated. She is all about the curl, but my hair doesn't even have one wave to call its own. See? I'm jealous of her.

      Have a great Wednesday - it's raining in my neck o' the woods.

  2. Coco, I am so sorry that woman dressed you in a costume for no reason other than to photograph you. It's not right. I will play ball all day. Franklin doesn't play ball, so he can be out audience. Coco, will you please move to Florida? I know I can make you happy if you give me a chance.


    1. If you have a ball and a rawhide chewie, Coco would move to Florida.

  3. Coco has a mind of her own although i like her costume. I am still in a state of shock over my Wallace (our dog) and Jade (our cat). I saw them in full porn mode. My eyes have been burned

  4. Your dog has you wrapped around her paw!!! Some dogs just freeze up when you put clothes on them. They aren't sure what to do. I read a lengthy explanation on the biological explanation for that--something about their moms laying on them when they're little and it being a sign they shouldn't move? I can't remember but I COMPLETELY disagree with people who say dogs freeze up because they're embarrassed or mad at you. I think if they seem angry or inhibited in any way it's just that they aren't used to having something on them.

    1. Coco will basically let me do anything to her, but the funny thing is anything you put on her acts like a "thunder shirt" (the tight shirt-like thing they put on dogs to calm them). She had some medicine I had to put on an allergic rash and she kept licking it off. I put a loose toddler t-shirt on her and she acted like I had sedated her. So, yes to the inhibition caused by wearing something they aren't used to, for sure!

  5. I grew up with a standard poodle. They are terrifyingly intelligent dogs. Coco's a cutie.

  6. LOL it's 's funny that she liked her ball and chain.

    1. She is ball-obsessed. I guess it didn't occur to her that it was a ball at first, but once she made the connection - it was ON.


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