Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bucket List Blog Hop

Oh, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I wanted to add my Bucket List to the Blog Hop!  Missed it by ten minutes (my apologies).  I mistakenly mixed up my days...must be the paint fumes.

Here we go; apparently travel is key:
  1. I want to go to Europe for more than a week or two; maybe a month. With euro in hand, I'll hop on the train and see the sites. I want to get off at a famous European site and find that my children have joined me and they have their own cash.
  2. I'd like to take art lessons just because I want to and learn a totally new style.
  3. I'd like to visit New York and see a great play and a great musical. Maybe I'll drop by the Dakota and say hi to Yoko.
  4. I want to go to Montreal and find the grave of my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather (the first immigrant to North America).
  5. I want to take a cruise with my husband, the guy who would do anything in the world I want to do except take a cruise. He thinks it will limit his options OR he will have to get off the boat twenty times (and that would be a drag). I disagree and I've actually been on cruises.
  6. I want to see Redwoods. Real, live Redwoods.
  7. I want to stop for lunch at a nice restaurant and find out that Shady and Janie are already there and they've saved me a seat.
  8. I want to gather all my family at a beach house for a great vacation (scheduling is tough on this one).
  9. I'd like to figure how to get rid of joint pain (argh).
  10. I'd like to go on a mission trip to a foreign country for a prolonged period of time.

The blog hop will close, but share some of your bucket list items in the comments!! Come on, it is painless. Visit the blog hoppers and subscribe to their great blogs.

This blog hop is being co-hosted by Sherry Ellis at Mama Diaries  and Susanne Drazic at Putting Words Down on Paper.   Simply put, what is on your bucket list? What are the special things you'd like to do before you kick the bucket?


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    Re: #1 - "Where do you get off?" (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    #2 - Do what I told you and frame those paint soaked drop cloths!

    #3 - Be sure to catch my show at Radio City Music Hall where I'll be getting my kicks as a member of the famed Rockettes!

    #5 - Mrs. Shady often tells me to take a hike!

    #6 - I'm more of a Carrot Top kinda guy.

    #7 - Janie and I did our part by saving you a seat. Your part of the deal is to pay the bill!

    #8 - Ahhh...family togetherness. Be careful what you wish for, dear friend! :)

    #9 - Frankie Avalon's hawking some kind of miracle gel on cable channel 896. He comes on right after Ron Jeremy's Extenze program.

    My bucket list? Right now I have only one item on it:


    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear friend Cherdo!

  2. Hi, Cherdo. I've been known to say I'm a day late and a dollar short a few times. Glad you decided to join the blog hop. Great bucket list. My hubby and I took a cruise for our honeymoon. We went to the Bahamas. Thanks so much for participating! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks, Susanne, for hosting this great blog hop!

  3. Cheryl!! Love it! I have some of the same wishes, like the art classes, but I've done some of your others. If you find out about the joint pain, please share. Having an epidural on Friday and hoping that helps with the sciatica, which will make repeating the list items so much sweeter. Guess you can't have everything. I don't know why you need art classes, I;ve seen your work!

    1. Let me know how that goes - that is part of my problem (sciatica) and right now, it's flared up bad post-rearranging furniture.

      Thank you for the art comment, you're sweet. I'd just like to learn some new stuff!

  4. Hi Cherdo!
    Great list!
    no#1...the children have joined you...cash in hand? Good luck with that one.
    I also included a cruise - Mediterranean, to be precise. Though I'll take Greek Isles as a second.
    How to get rid of joint pain? That would be the one to focus on. It's simple - you figure that one out, you'll rake in enough cash to sort out the entire bucket list.

    1. Ain't it the truth!

      I've done the Mediterranean cruise (Italy, French Riviera, Sicily, Barcelona) and it was awesome.

      I think the joint pain is secondary to injuries, etc. Definitely arthritic. Whine, whine, whine. I'm done now, Michelle. Ha ha.

  5. Wonderful travel list, I have done several of those items. However, if you figure out how to get rid of joint pain, please share! Sorry I am so late to participate in this hop.

    1. That would be wonderful - no joint pain AND you participating in the blog hop!

  6. You know we'll save you a seat. WDW and I don't want to go on a cruise. I have one word for you: Titanic. I have seen redwoods, including the General Sherman. They are majestic, but The Hurricane, who was a toddler, fell and got a gigantic splinter in her hand. Favorite Young Man was about 8. He had the flu during that entire trip to California. I'd like to travel with kids who don't get sick or injured. Quite a few years ago, we visited New York. First we saw Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Then we saw Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria (second row seats, Julie Andrews, gorgeous, right in front of me). The next time we went to NY we were going to see Nathan Lane in one of his last performances in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. He called in sick. I wrote a scathing letter to him, which included little Hurricane--who was probably just a Tropical Depression--informing Nathan Lane that he was too low to kiss her six-year-old butt. I've raised my children to have lovely manners and to speak in an exquisite fashion, as you know. On that trip, though, we did eat at The Polo Lounge. The food was great, and the service was amazing. Another time we ate at The Tavern On The Green. I think it went out of business, and I know why: The food and the service were not that great. We ate outside and stuff from the trees kept falling in our plates. I will try to come up with a remedy for your joint pain. Perhaps a cruise would provide some relief, as long as you watch out for icebergs.


    1. Your NYC trip sounds great, but I'd be made at Nathan Lane, too. AND he never calls me, and I loved The Birdcage. Surely he saw me watching and laughing. How rude.

      Titanic...that is the image I need in my head...now I want to stay on land...

    2. Oh, good. I hoped I could help you get over wanting to cruise.

  7. Well I love this bucket list. I have been to Europe (um, more than once)-just do it! I have seen Cabaret with Molly Ringworm(:)) and John Stamos at the old Studio 54 and it was fun. Again-Do it!. As for pain, not much to say but understand the pain of it...wine can help and sometimes whining:) as long as another will listen. I will. I think you can do these things on your bucket list for sure

    1. I'm feeling like I can knock some off, too - timing is the key! Thanks, Birgit!


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