Friday, October 17, 2014

Here's, Cherdo!

Home maintenance is exhausting; I thought it might be easier if I hired painters, but I'm still whupped. 

Note to self: buy lightweight furniture next time, especially if you have to move it all over the place.

The major job of painting took much longer than expected because I live in a non-conventional house. It used to be a barn and it was turned into a home in stages. Then it sat for years, till we bit the hook and jumped in and tried to update it a little. That was in 2001, and each year has had another project. It was time for something aesthetic. 

So, for Janie Junebug, here are the before and after pictures (I wish I knew I was going to do before and after; I tried to get similar angles).  Keep in mind, my yard is big - my house, not so much.

Kitchen Before:


Kitchen After!:

Living Room Before (my dog looks possessed, and yes - she is wearing a shirt):

Living Room After! 

The living room "after" looks like I've abandoned reading (the books have not been returned to the book shelf). There's still a lot more to do and I best get at it. 

Looking forward to the weekend!  Gotta catch up on by blog reading and book reviews.


  1. Here's Shecky! (Ax...and ye shall receive.)

    Welcome back, dear friend Cherdo! While you were away I experienced painful FWS (Flipside Withdrawal Syndrome) and have been receiving Methadone treatments to wean me off your addictive blog's powerful influence.

    Thanks for showing us the before and after shots of your home. I like the shade of paint you picked. The place looks mighty cozy and I am eager to finalize our plans for me to move in with you. I'm glad you left the book shelves bare because I can use that space as a media rack to stow all my cool stuff like my director's cut DVD of the Academy Award wining motion picture Mars Needs Women.

    I hope you saved those paint spattered drop cloths like I told you to. Allow Coco to use them as piddle pads for a few days, frame them and exhibit them in a fancy Knoxville art gallery. They'll sell like hotcakes!

    Please have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Oh, you figured out my plan! I was going to remodel and then tell Hubzam we were adopting two know, the older kind that are harder to place. Their names are Shady and Janie. They come from...uh...a southern part of the Americas. How sweet Janie will look when I dress her up in her pink bonnet and you in your matching pale blue beret.

      Question: Are you still game for tap and baton lessons? Every mother loves a recital.

      Announcement: Cherdo is past the "love to remodel" phase of her life. Officially (glad to have an exclusive!).

      Have a great weekend, be safe, and next week - back to normal with post #205!

    2. Since Janie didn't show up yet (when you snooze you lose)...
      may I have the pink bonnet?

      My goal...
      is to become a Radio City Music Hall Rockette!

    3. I'll consider it, if your legs are up for the Rockette Challenge.

    4. I'm here now, and I want my pink bonnet. I played in piano recitals frequently when I was a bit younger. May I play the piano instead of tapping and batoning?

    5. Does it matter that I'm really a Yankee, and I just happen to live in the south? Is that cause for rejection? I'm not Scarlett O'Hara.

    6. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!

  2. My family once lived in a converted barn too, in Mass. My room was where the loft would be and was A-frame. It was a really nice house. Thanks for bringing back fun memories for me, and congrats on the awesome new paint! It may have taken time, but was obviously worth it!

    1. Thanks, Lexa! :-)

      I'm about two doses of Excedrin away from loving it!

  3. A converted barn? That's crazy awesome. The most interesting place I've lived in was a 200 year old estate house in upstate NY. Man was that thing expensive to heat! (Love the before and afters.)

    1. I just now realized I didn't respond to this one - but thanks, Crystal!

  4. It looks very nice, especially the living room. But what's on TV?


  5. What a place. Looks good to me.

  6. Looks great and clean! Always so much work but so rewarding


Thanks for your personal yada, yada, yada,
Love, Cherdo