Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Halloween!! The Big Scare Revealed!

Oh, I looks innocent enough. Then you start counting the calories - the one thing you should never do on Halloween! Either avoid all candy confrontations entirely or go on a diet break for one spooky day.

Still not convinced? It's not too late to turn your back and run.

Nestle's Crunch   51.3 cal   (x 6 fun sized bars pictured)   307.8
Snickers   72 cal. (I see 3)                                                   216
Nerds   50 cal. (I see at least four)                                      200
Hot Tamales 150 cal.                                                          150
Reeses Cups Fun Sized  80 cal. (I think I see 7)                 560
Total Calories in picture above:                                      1433.8

In the distance, a wild animal howls against the backdrop of a new moon...

What is so bad about this scenario is the fact that the candy I've eaten on past Halloweens really felt more like this:

If you're sneaking a treat of two out of the kiddos bag just remember that we'll all be walking it off next week. I figure I have to log forty miles or so as it is (just for starters).

Have a happy, safe Halloween! All treats, no tricks.


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    Something has changed. When I was young I regularly consumed lots of candy, ice cream and other sugary treats. Whenever I visited my aunt's house she complained to my mother that I was "too skinny." As a teenager I'd eat dinner and three hours later go to Gino's 15 Cent Hamburgers and eat two Giants, two large fries, a shake and an apple pie. At college I routinely ate an entire large pizza or a double meat foot long sub late in the evening before bed. That same aunt kept complaining to my mom, "He's too skinny." I don't know how I was able to gorge myself and never gain an ounce but those days are long gone. I will need to spend three hours on the treadmill to burn off the extra calories I gleaned just from reading this post!

    Have a safe and happy Halloween and a pleasant weekend, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Brother, I need to spend years on the treadmill!! No one has ever accused me of being too skinny - it they did, they were a dirty liar!

      Where I notice the big difference is in how the weight would come off - when I was younger, I could focus on it and bring some of the weight off. I always had that in the back of my can do it, just get on the program.

      Now, I count calories and do all that mish-mash and then the scale betrays me! How did all that suffering not result in big loss? OH, THE HUMANITY!!!!

      Shaking it off....Happy Halloween! Don't let the tricksters get to you!

    2. I used to eat everything in sight and only gained weight when I was pregnant. Those were the days, my friends. (Not the pregnancy--the non-weight gaining). Now I look at a cookie and gain ten pounds.

    3. I'm one of those sad sacks that gains weight with every child. :-\

  2. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Enjoy the weekend... you're tempting me to soon in the morning with candy...

    1. Thanks for following me, Cathrina! It's almost cruel to post caloric counts on Halloween, but I'll be kinder next week - see you then! Have a Happy Halloween, girl!

  3. Nestle's Crunch! Reese's! SNICKERS!!! Your house would have been a huge score for me as a trick-or-treating kid! Have a great night! :)

    1. All the good stuff...but no trick or treaters! They're scared of the long driveway and dark surrounding fields!

  4. Oh showed the calorie intake. I hang my head low since I ate a few. I never buy Halloween junk early as it never makes it to October 31st


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