Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Cell Phone Has No Cash: A Haiku Collection

Magical money
I don't need cash anymore
Lies Apple tells me

Samsung Galaxy
Just bump phones to share
Contacts are yours now

Clever part time thief
Will work on his programming
Make an app for theft

My money is his
One bump all is lost
Electronic checks will bounce 

Lazy criminal
Identity theft too hard
You're fired from Target 

Public - trust no one
Keep your money in a jar
Or let me hold it

Once again, failure
No trust, I clearly stated
Re-read the haiku

Slow learner money
Will still spend nicely
Money jar gone, too


  1. Haiku! (Bless you)
    Haiku! (Bless you)
    Haiku! (Bless you)

    Dang hay fever!

    Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    Flipside readers love your Haiku poetry and it was a pleasure to read another poem this morning. I am stuck in the Sixties, anti-tech for the most part, and I make very little use of my cell (other than the one Mrs. Shady locks me in at bedtime).

    I am wary of technological advancements that promise to solve old problems. They never mention or perhaps can't foresee the myriad new problems that result. I am equally wary of money saving offers because they usually end up costing me more. Years ago I had a friend who kept most of his life savings stuffed in a mattress. Those who knew thought he was crazy. Perhaps he was ahead of his time,

    Happy Thursday to you, dear friend Cherdo!

  2. I'm glad you are haiku-centric. I'm ashamed at the little voice in my head that I use when I repeat them to myself.

    Technology is fascinating, and I'm one of those people that love new gadgets, but I don't buy in to every hype. First and foremost, the gadget has to do a job for me and I don't want to become it's slave. Secondly, I'm pretty good at seeing the possible problems. We still don't have a hold on debit cards and the more I hear about identity theft, the more I want to keep away from providing more information.

    On the flipside...Home Depot, Target and all the other stores I've frequented are getting breached! AHHH! And I love that Behr paint...

    Have a lovely Thursday, dear Shadykins. :-)

  3. Good Idea to stay away from these things. I work as a Credit Counsellor and have seen identity theft. I have seen the issues with cell phones. The top 3 places for identity theft 1. gas stations 2-grocery stores, 3 Wal-Mart. People use their credit card or debit card often there and these people have devices to get your #'s . Use cash if you can in those places

    1. I preach the good credit doctrine daily, and we pay off everything monthly. It's crazy not to do so.

  4. I use a credit card instead of a debit card for a couple of reasons. If my credit card info. is stolen, they won't empty my bank account and it's covered by the credit card co. Also I get points for every $ I spend on my credit card, so I buy everything on it. I then get a gift card to Red Lobster every so often for just spending the money I would have spent anyway. Every time we get paid, I pay off the balance on my credit card, so it never builds up.

    1. Good idea! Some of the debit cards that run on the Mastercard or Visa networks supposedly offer the same protections - but why risk it?

      I'm not paying with my cell phone, though.

  5. I commented on here. I know I did. I said "I haiku you." I don't know where I went. It's not fair.


    1. It was not anchored down, so it floated away.

      Love, Cherdo

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  7. Acer has their own interface that helps clients in working their phones. This phone has a little touch screen that is controlled by a 416 MHz processor


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