Wednesday, October 15, 2014

While I'm Away...

Some of my earlier posts are my favorite for a variety of reasons, mostly due to the blatant honesty and lack of shame. Here's a few you might have missed if you are a latecomer:

Run, Kitty, Run...A Love Story

Puppy Love

Truth or Derriere

That Sweet Little Dog...Is a Liar 

Sweet, Sweet, "Got ya!"

I Give These Rock Stars Permission to Retire


  1. I'll check these out.

    I hope you're having a restful time.

    1. It was a work, work, work break. Exhausted!

  2. I did all of the homework you assigned, Mrs. Cherdo, but Janie Junebug's dog Franklin ate it! The only thing I salvaged is the following comment about your Rock Stars...Retirement post. I read it but couldn't bring myself to click and look at recent pictures of those rockers. I am very protective of my original memories. Once I see how old most of those icons look today it poisons my memories and ruins the experience of listening to their music. I recently watched Kiss doing a live show as part of the Yahoo concert series. I love Kiss but felt sad after watching their performance. As always the band worked/played hard and gave 100% but they looked old. There's no getting around it. They looked old.

    On the subject of your interior house painting, I have a brilliant idea. When you're done, frame the drop cloths and sell them on eBay as abstract art. You'll make a fortune (and split the moola with me)!

    Missing you, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. How can you tell that Kiss looks old when they wear all that make-up? Do they use walkers and wheelchairs?

    2. No, they make the mistake of doing reality shows where I see them without makeup. They should get wheelchairs with rocket boosters and flames.

    3. Shady, I'll be exhibiting the drop clothes at the Met. Then we go for the big cash payout on Ebay!

      Missed you, too!

  3. Haha, I love blatant honesty and lack of shame. I'll check these out!

  4. Too funny! Love the retired ones but what about Mick Jagger or Keith Richards? Love the doggie and they do make us fetch and then we give them a cookie...we are trained well

  5. I commented on every post. My comments had better be there. And here.



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