Saturday, November 8, 2014

Stuff That Christmas Stocking with Creativity and Frugality: Woodshop 101 for Kids

Nothing baffles me quite so much as the electronics addiction that is prevalent amongst today’s generation, and believe me, I’m not electronics ignorant – it’s not a “sour grapes” analogy.  Much of my childhood was spent doing things, rather than looking at things that do things.  

Craig Stevens has the cure with his book Woodshop 101 for Kids.

From the standpoint of a seasoned craftsman, Stevens reveals the steps to awakening the time honored – and long lost – craft of woodworking in young people. Simple, easy to complete woodworking projects will captivate your young craftsman. As an experienced Dad, Stevens has road tested woodworking projects on his own brood.  There’s some great photography of his own children, woodworking whizzes Katie, Nick and Jack. The crafts portion of the book includes fun items such as the Peg Game, Marshmallow Catapult and Doll Cradle. The girls are not forgotten here!

These ultimate teaching moments are packed full of plenty of background information about topics such as tools, wood grains, and the skills of accurate measurement. Apparently, I’m using a hammer incorrectly, but that is going to change now that I’ve seen Stevens’ diagram of the proper technique. Admittedly, I’m also a bit frightened by power tools, but the book made me feel like I could handle it safety and efficiently. No extra charge for confidence building!

You don’t have to know the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees to do the crafts, but it sure doesn't hurt. The end of each chapter includes added activities really make this book the gateway to fun for everyone involved.

This is a great Christmas gift for the short people and I just checked Amazon - the paperback is only $13.49. That's a steal!

Got a great FRUGAL Christmas gift idea? 
Share it with me! If I feature it in the blog between now and December 25th, 
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  1. It's good for short people? Well, I gotta lay my hands on one!

  2. This sounds quite good and maybe kids will do something than get carpal tunnel from all the texting. Actually, at first, I thought you were writing about a book on what kids should stay away from, like power tools. We went, when I was a kid to a school and we spent so many weeks in homemaking(my worst), then to art class and finally to shop where we worked with wood and plaster. As for frugal, I make cards and gift tags and I give them as gifts. I also buy Christmas tins at the dollar store and make plenty of cookies and give them away as gifts too

  3. This book sounds like a great way for kids to use their imaginations while learning important skills. These tools can be utilized for years to come. An excellent suggestion!


    1. Kids love handywork - it's hard to get adults to lead the way some time. It's a great book.

  4. That just might be a good Christmas present for a great nephew. My frugal Christmas gift idea is date Willy Dunne Wooters. He refuses gifts so no point in buying anything for him.


    1. I confess that I force gifts on Hubzam, but he would be okay with nada, too.

    2. I forced slippers and compression socks on WDW last Christmas. They are unused.


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