Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Bathtub Post...Jump In

A whole segment of society has gone unnoticed by yours truly. Bathtub lovers, designers, and H20 enthusiasts are everywhere. Prior to yesterday's research, I strongly felt that the only questions that needed answered about bath tubs were:
  • What color?
  • What shape?
  • Jets or no jets?
  • Shower or separate?
  • Single unit or cast iron/tile?
I've never been so naive. Let's examine some options. 

Tub Number 1: This tub looks pretty and I do like that modern or minimalist look. 
Though it might be a bit indulgent to have this on a Cherdo budget, I could see
something like this in my home. Post lottery win, of course.

 What's up with the lighted bathtub? Face it, I have no solid experience to go on, but I really think that the person taking a bath in this would have the look of a corpse; a lovely blue tinge to every exposed part of their being. I ain't about that life...

 Holy Frank Lloyd Wright, what is going on with the black bath tub? Is this possibly called a porcelain hammock? If it isn't, their ad people need fired.

Here's where I really show my true self: all I could think was "kids would slop water all over the place." I wonder if it comes with a modern, revamped and stylish mop. It should. Come to think of it, at the price of this tub, it should come with kids.

There was a young lady, who bathed in a shoe,
She had so much money, she didn't know what to do.
She asked a designer to outfit her bath,
So Cherdo could post this and then start to laugh.

 I'd put my little cupcakes in this, kids would love it - but I can't see it being my only bathtub. 
But if this is the cupcake...

...this must be the popover. Someone needs to incorporate this tub into a tiny house (right, Suze?).  

Thought that goes through my mind: "Not sexy...crowded...where is my washcloth...move your feet...I can't get comfy...can't we be romantic post-bath? That's it....get out of my tub." 

"Make the indoors match the outdoors."
Do you think they really would take a bath in front of triple sliding glass doors? I realize 
people do that on reality television, but do REAL people see this and long for it? 

Come on, this is just a failed swimming pool. 

It's a tenth of a lap long.  

Calories burned: 3

Money burned through:  The college fund (sorry, Gonzo).

How can you, tub seller, guarantee I will not get electrocuted as I relax 
and watch Jimmy Fallon? Can you put that in writing for my heirs?

Of all the tubs and scenarios, this most reminds me

Keep it clean, folks.


  1. I want a tub like your header picture!!

    1. I knew I could draw you in with that one, fishducky!

  2. There was a cute Cherdo, who bathed in a shoe. The shoe was too small. She started to squall! I need a size eight, she said, and her voice quaked. She'd spent all her money and now was quite poor. Then Shady and Janie arrived at her door. It's the company's fault, they told her at once. They built the tub wrong. They're a bunch of ding-dongs. You really are a size six. Don't you worry. We'll get it fixed.

    That black thing really is a bathtub? It looks very uncomfortable. I don't take baths anymore. My bathroom only has a shower, and the tub in the other bathroom isn't very nice. I had many years of giant whirlpool tubs in my house. I find I don't miss them.I kind of like that lighted tub, however. I wouldn't mind being blue.


    P.S. Fishducky should have the duck tub.

    1. I know, right? That tub has fishducky written all over it. She needs to cross-post, ha ha.

      Eeenie, Meanie, Minie, Mo
      Where'd that size 6 shoe tub go?
      I've looked high, and I've looked low
      (I needed a narrow size 9 though).

      That black think is mondo-weird. It's the kind of interior design that was only meant to give that "aha" moment...then you're stuck. It wouldn't even make a good planter, though it would be easy to water the plants. I predict the owner of said tub is a shower fan.


  3. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    Thanks for posting pics of all these exotic tubs,
    but I trust Pat Boone to tell me which type is best.

    I can picture myself in that cozy little love tub designed for amorous couples. Better yet, I can imagine using a shoe horn to squeeze you, me and Janie Junebug into it along with the Swedish Bikini Team. Yeah...that's the ticket! Of course, there'd be no hanky panky because there wouldn't be room for it. We'd simply relax in that tub after our vaudeville shows and tell off color jokes while sipping gin and platonic.

    I'm shocked to see that Janie Junebug stayed up so late again last night. (See the time stamp on her comment,) When she and I signed off Skype after my midnight performance of Victor Victoria, she told me she was going straight to bed!

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. You've created the Bestie Shoehorn, destined to assist us to get in all tight spots...or possibly out of tight spots.

      Janie Junebug is a feral lass who can't be tamed by you or I - I've tried. It's a cautionary tale about the futility of life, similar to cat herding or putting a leash on pet jelly fish.

      Come to think of it - that might describe you, too, minus the lass part and with background music looped to cover the decades (The Emperors through KISS).

      We need to take turns calling Janie at 11 p.m. - "Settle down, watch the newscast and off to bed with you, JJ."

      Every the optimist, I still believe she might be tamed.

    2. Not every...EVER.... I'm an idiot.

    3. I don't watch the news. I'm a night owl, honey. Sleep all day long. I'll get in the tub with you and Shady, but I refuse to have the Swedish Bikini Team along. They'd whine and cry constantly because they would be so jealous of our beauty. That Shady in Victor/Victoria--out standing in his field. That's where he performed. He drew quite a crowd. I think three people were there.

  4. I LOVE those. So fun! My #1 stipulation for my next house is a garden tub, preferably with jets.

    1. In my future home, I DO intend to spend some time in a tub...ha ha. Thanks, Stephanie!

  5. So many choices. I don't think I'd like the one with the couple in it. Getting in and out would not be graceful!

  6. The shoe one made me laugh and so did your poem. That stupid little tub for 2 is just idiotic. My hubby and I would argue and probably tip the stupid thing over. The cupcake one makes me think I will be scraping some skin off getting out of that thing. Any TV, lights etc,... means that someone doesn't like me and wants me electrocuted. I love jets, room for 2 and one with a couple of steps up. The one in the ground-I know I will fall in there-so silly and so funny

    1. Thanks, Birgit!

      More money than sense creates a whole world of options!

  7. I saw a used red, heart shaped jetted tub with a $100 FSBO sign in front of one of the motels in Pigeon Forge this week. Guess I should have picked it up for you!

    1. I'm holding out for the duck tub, but I sure do appreciate it, Michelle. I think you need that at your house...maybe in a certain teenager's room. He could sit in it and study his Latin. (He'll kill me)

  8. I commented yesterday, but it hasn't shown up (or you threw it away.) I said I wanted the ducky tub!!

  9. I want the cupcake bathtub! But only if I can eat cupcakes while bathing :)

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