Monday, December 1, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Menu

Oh, you were so looking forward to it. It was going to be something special that you shared with your family and friends. If you're really skilled at it's preparation, you'll be their host year after year - because it's important that it comes out right. You know what I'm talking about: the Thanksgiving turkey.

Now, it's Monday and that same group that cheered me on to local roasting fame is catching on to how I am trying to put turkey in every meal to get rid of the leftovers. It's been going on all weekend.

Thursday Dinner: Beautiful meal and everyone is full of tryptophan and gravy. Make that serotonin, body, and give me that after dinner high that only the holiday meal can provide. Yay!

Thursday Night: Mmm...the family is sort of hungry again. Maybe a bit of turkey and stuffing, guys? Sure! Everyone loved the turkey! Satisfaction clouds fill the room. At least I hope it is satisfaction clouds. Probably the last time I can confidently say the word "turkey."

One son had to work; fixed a care package of holiday fixings and delivered it. 

Friday Lunch: Anybody want to go out for lunch? No? Of course not. My men avoid Black Friday like the plague. Maybe that is why they called it "Black Death."  How about some Chinese? Made at home? I've got rice, onions, carrots, peppers, water chestnuts, bok choy and you-know-what. Somebody grab the soy sauce! Are you with me? Let's hit it! Hey, come on!

Friday Dinner: I don't think I can pull it off tonight, I caught my hubby scowling at the Tupperware container of white meat. Shazzbatt. I lay low and shoot for Saturday.

Saturday Lunch: Turkey sandwiches, anyone? Mayo? Lettuce? Caught Gonzo heating up a can of ravioli. Wow. He is desperate.

Saturday Dinner: Turkey potential is high; this stuff won't last forever. Enticed the huddle masses with a batch of mashed potatoes. Talked it up like a pro. I should have gone into Public Relations or Sales. I'd be rich. More turkey disappears.

Sunday Lunch: Gave them a breather. Even I know when I am pushing my luck.

Sunday Dinner: Gonzo is not home. That means it's just me and Hubzam and I know he hates to waste food. Sauteing onions and celery...chicken stock...added a bit of garlic and a touch of poultry seasoning...a bit of carrot...diced turkey. smells wonderful. Heated leftover rice and scooped a hot, delicious scoop of the magic mixture on top. Hubzam looked at me like I had lost my ever lovin' mind while he made himself a salad. He thinks if he fails to make eye contact a second time, I will go away. Wrong, so wrong. 

Monday, and I'm defeated. There's no way they will eat turkey and you know what that means? I'm calling her in from the sidelines, the one who will never let me down when it comes to leftover meat....

"COCOOOOO! Come here, girl, Mama has a treat for you."

Now I'm the Queen of America, according to my husband.


  1. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    It is I... It is me... Shady D... the leftover turkey of blogging!

    The first thing I want to know is if Coco is actually a real dog. I clicked to enlarge the picture and he looks like a guy wearing a dog costume. :)

    We had the same situation here. Mrs. Shady made a huge Thanksgiving feast and invited 8 family members to join us. Like most people she went overboard and made enough to feed every man, woman and child in Rhode Island plus the entire Wings gang out there on Nantucket. (Roy Biggins eats like a horse.) Mrs. S is so desperately afraid of running out of turkey on Thanksgiving that we end up eating leftovers at every meal for days and days. Ever eat a cold turkey sandwich on day 139? Not recommended! After eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks Friday, Saturday and Sunday I have turkey coming out of my ears which makes it hard for me to hear my music. Today Mrs. Shady plans to throw the leftover turkey in a pot and make soup and freeze it. Maybe I'll be in the mood to taste it a few months from now, hopefully not too close to next Thanksgiving.

    Happy Monday, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Yes, that is a real live dog-dictator, spoiled and now getting a little bit of turkey - which may make her even more picky and demanding when the turkey is gone. She is the one hold out in the house that would gladly continue to eat turkey all year without complaint.

      Hubzam thinks that eating turkey once a year is just about right. I can't count on him to kill leftovers at all. Since we only had our family and my son's family this year, I tried to get the smallest turkey I could find but it still was bigger than I needed.

      Another week is off and running! Have a good day, Shady-o-shadimus!

    2. Shh! Janie Junebug must finish editing. Use your indoor writing voice.



  2. This is so fun to read! Turkey overload. :)
    Have a wonderful December!

    1. Thanks, dear! You, too. Appreciate you stopping by (and I enjoyed your site, too).

  3. It's hard to get rid of a big bird without eyerolls Cherdo and you should definitely try out for Public Relations or Sales.

    1. Amen, Maurice...they are fighting it. But my main skill is PERSISTENCE. That and the fact that the gang gets hungry and liked to be served...

  4. So funny...fortunately my mother erred on the smaller size when getting a turkey this year and it's now just about gone. Just enough left over to enjoy in sandwiches and one more hot meal before we could get a chance to get sick of it.

  5. Lucky pooch!

    My wife concocted a couple wonderful leftover dishes: enchiladas with mole on Friday, open-face sandwiches on Saturday. There is still an awful lot of bird left in the fridge, though. Turkey tacos, maybe?

  6. Ha!-Ha!-Ha! Very funny, CHERDO!

    >>... tryptophan and gravy.

    Ya know (I hope), that I'm really a very nice, clean, neat guy. (Maybe not one of the 'FIVE NEAT GUYS' from SCTV, but a neat guy nonetheless.) And that's why it makes me feel so guilty 'n' dirty to admit that the very second I read 'Tryptophan And Gravy' I instantly thought I could make a fortune if I produced an "adult movie" with that title. Ooohh, my prodigious imagination runs wild!

    And, for the official record, I don't watch 'em, I don't recommend 'em, I don't approve of 'em in the least... but... there's money to be made, and that title is a great imagination-starter!

    OK, I'll go away now.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. You're more than a few bricks short of a load - and I love that.

      But I'll never be able to have gravy again without thinking about your comment.

    2. Steven thought "tryptophan and gravy" would be a nice title for a bad movie.

  7. This sets one up for Christmas dinner with...yup...Turkey! Turkey in the morning, Turkey in the evening, Turkey at suppertime. My hubby makes a great turkey soup. Actually this is one reason why I often would rather have something else at Christmas than , gulp,...turkey. Well, have fun eating turkey and when it is finally all'll have it again!

    1. We will do ham or prime rib for Christmas - I can't get them talked into turkey twice in one year, ha ha.

  8. Our turkey wasn't big. WDW didn't complain about turkey sandwiches. I am out of the good turkey to use in sandwiches as of supper today. I have small bits left that will please Franklin. We'll probably have another turkey on Christmas. AND WILL YOU PLEASE TELL SHADY TO BE QUIET? I NEED TO CONCENTRATE.



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