Monday, January 26, 2015

Prehistorical Hack Stack

This week, I thought I'd share some of the fun up-cycling inspirations I've found online. There's no shortage of up-cycling or recycling fodder. Entire websites are devoted to the pursuit of the re-used, re-purposed and  re-imagined cast offs and I love them all. So, how to choose? 

My simpleton approach is that I gravitate to the projects that I believe a person has actually made and is using, for starters. Then comes the real test: would I make it? Colorful and crazy always catch my eye, but I am a sucker for useful, too. 

For today, I'm requiring that all of the suggestions have to make me laugh, too.

#1 Doodlecraft's Dinosaur Bookends

This idea is so simple, but so ingenious! The moment I saw this, I wanted to run to the store and buy dinosaurs. With a little scrape wood, an x-acto knife, glue and have a fun project that any kid or weird adult (like myself) would love. 

Dinos and I have a longstanding mutual respect; they even appear on the Flipside from time to time.

Dinosaur Bookends with Hot Glue! Upcycle old plastic kid toys and some pieces of well as hot glue and spray paint to make statement bookends!

#2: Dinosaur Serving Dish

This is not only fun, but it cracks me up and it comes from the crafty and perhaps, twisted, brain of Gretchen from Three Little Monkeys Studio.  While you have the x-acto knife out, go ahead and wack the noggin off of your favorite T-Rex, add a plastic platter, glue and paint. 

Even the most inexperienced crafter in the world could pull this one off. I'd love to get a really scary dragon and make a platter for Halloween goodies or perhaps paint it with glow-paint. 

DIY Tutorial: Clever Dinosaur Serving Dish!

#3: Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

Millions of years ago, they were wiped out...this gives dinosaurs some street cred in the wiping department, and The Chic Site put that voodoo to work.  

I wish my boys were all little again so I could make their bedrooms and bathrooms an explosion of brightly colored dinosaurs...with and without toilet paper.

Life is too short and if you're not smiling at something crazy in your house, you need to re-decorate. French country, contemporary and modern style furniture and accessories never game me a tenth of the pleasure that wacky packs. 

Why did I ever attempt to grow up. Bad call; really bad call. Wait a minute - I'm a flipster. I'll do what I want to do.

Off to buy dinosaurs...


  1. Those are adorable, but I'm not allowed to have an x-acto knife. In fact, the doctor says no sharp objects until I can prove that I'll behave in a safe and responsible manner. Maybe the nurse will let me use toenail clippers on my long, gross toenails while she's in the room with me. The nurses are awfully busy, though, with so many people in straitjackets bouncing off the padded walls. Thump! Thud! It's hard to sleep. Do you think maybe you can check me out and take me home with you? I promise I'll be good.


    1. << the doctor says no sharp objects until I can prove that I'll behave in a safe and responsible manner. >>

      The lizard community will be very happy to hear that!

      "I don't want his cigarettes. And I don't want his, or his, or his, or his, or his, or his... Or even yours. Do you understand that? I want my cigarettes, Miss Ratched! I want my cigarettes! I want mine, Miss Ratched! What gives you the damn right to keep our cigarettes piled up on your desk and to squeeze out a pack only when you feel like it, huh? Miss Ratched!"

    2. Around midnight tonight, linger at the window. Casually glance out and you'll see me behind the tree in the courtyard - I'll be wearing a bunny suit. Tear your sheet into strips and tie them together. Now hang the rope-sheet out of the window. I'll catch you, I promise. It's a breakout, baby!

    3. May I be called Chief? I don't smoke, but I am tired of Miss Ratched's lobotomy threats. Please, come quickly, Cherdo. Throw a pebble at my bedroom window. They've removed the clocks so I live in a world of time deprivation. No one in this neighborhood will notice a bunny suit.

    4. I wear a bunny suit quite often in the privacy of my own home.

    5. I would, too, if I lived in your house. I hope the relatives are afwaid of wabbits.

  2. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    Shecky Shady here. My jokes are old as dinosaurs and I've been recycling them for years. Maybe I should learn to up-cycle them! (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    Note: From now on, instead of typing a fresh new (BA-DUM-BUMP) after every joke, I will merely copy and paste the same (BA-DUM-BUMP) over and over again, thereby conserving the world's dwindling supply of (BA-DUM-BUMPS). (BA-DUM-BUMP) See, I just did it!

    That bookend project looks like a great idea. I always wanted to make bookends out of Audrey and Judy Landers.

    Honestly, though, I made a set of bookends in junior high shop class that looked exactly like the ones you posted, except that it was a cat that I carved out of a block of wood with a jigsaw. Every boy in the class was given a choice of making dog bookends or cat bookends. I was the only one who chose the cat pattern, even though I liked dogs more. Even then, I enjoyed being different and I refused to follow the herd.

    I've been reading about the difference between recycling and up-cycling and am having trouble grasping it. Can you give some examples of each that will allow my pea brain to understand? Can Janie Junebug be recycled? Up-cycled? Cloned?

    Happy Monday, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Up-cycling takes your used/cast off stuff and makes it into something new - and potentially better or with an improved environmental impact. I always just said recycled and re-purposed, but I'm trying to get hip to the lingo of these fancy pants contemporary kids.

    2. Oh, and have a great day, Shady D!

    3. I've never heard of up-cycled. It sounds as if it's a good idea: an improved me. I've already been cloned. You'd know if you met The Hurricane.

  3. The comments on your blog are so amusing! I'm not a fan of dinosaurs, so no interest in creating one for my home. I do think it's important to recycle however, but since I have no "crafting" ability,I'll pass on creating something from these. Have a great day!

  4. My nephews and godson would love all of these! :D

  5. Now talk about fun:) People can come up with the wildest things and one can use something other than dinosaurs but they are so much fun and great for kids

  6. Those are so cute! If I still had any of my son's dinosaurs, I'd probably try making a couple.

  7. That platter looks very wonky. I might just place my mouth underneath the lower side and wait ;)

  8. I think the toilet paper roll holder is brilliant!


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