Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Favorite Songs...circa Today

The Valentine's Day countdown is at four days now. It's time to talk serious romance.

No, no, no, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about really knowing stuff about your main squeeze. What are his or her favorite songs? Come on now, you're not even ready for the weekend until you really know your love pup's musical preferences.

My friends and I were yakking about our favorite music and I found it interesting that many of the songs that women love, or consider "romantic," are not specific "I love ya" kind of songs. More often, I found their love song choices were more angst and longing than love. Putting together my own list, I found that I'm just the same. What's wrong with us? We all have a Valentine date already.

My favorite songs vary from year to year, but I'll try not to lean on the old favorites too much (sorry, John-Paul-George-Ringo). 

Here we go with the new favorites of the Cherdo melancholy-wistful-lacrymose-eye candy-love song list; and it they're not familiar - listen anyway!:

1. "Falling Slowly" by the Frames.
Actually, you could cross off the Frames and just put Glen Hansard. I love all things Glen. Maybe it's not the words, it's just his Irish charm. It doesn't hurt that Colm Mac Con Iomaire is playing the violin. I'm moving to Dublin.

In the meanwhile, sing it, Glen....

2. "All of Me" by John Legend
Legend is going to be an actual legend, I think. In the future, we'll talk about him like he was Sam Cook or Sinatra. His voice is so smooth - I wonder if he even needs that piano. 

My descriptions can't do him justice. Take it away, John...

3. "Candy" by Paolo Nutini
Paolo, Paolo, sound so Italian, but you're Scottish. The Highlands look better and better. 

You might remember his song, "New Shoes." Forget about the shoes...

Paolo Nutini has a unique, soulful voice. Show us what you're made of, P.N.:

4. "Almost Blue" by Elvis Costello
Okay, I know that I am addicted to the wrong Elvis for a Tennessean, but gosh darn it, I loves me some Elvis Costello. In the 80s, I poured over his lyrics and decided he was a genius who wasn't getting his due. Hey, I did my part by purchasing every album.

Sing us a tune, Mr. Costello:

5. "Stay" by Mikky Ekko
That voice. Those lyrics. What's not to like? I'd actually cook for this guy. 

Mikky, could you do it one more time?:

6. "What Do You Want From Me?" by Adam Lambert
Every time I hear this song or see this video, I want to call Adam Lambert and say, "There,'s going to be fine..."  

Tell us all about it, Adam:

Were any of these new to you? What was your favorite?

Get working on those lists! Valentine's Day has to have background music.


  1. Shout, shout, let it all out. These are the things I can do without.
    I remember putting a cassette in the car's tape player to listen to that song right after I took a chemistry test. I knew I had done well. I want the piano John Legend is playing. WDW likes a lot of songs. He programs to music. He'll even listen to the same song over and over when he gets in a programming groove. Some of his favorite songs are by Middle Child. I love the little grin on his face every time he sees a photo or video of her. He has a crush on her, and I think it's cute. He won't admit it.


    1. "Good heavens Miss Junebug - you're beautiful!"
      I - I don't believe it!
      There she goes again!
      She's tidied up, and I can't find anything!
      All my tubes and wires
      And careful notes
      And antiquated notions

      But! - it's poetry in motion
      And when she turned her eyes to me
      As deep as any ocean
      As sweet as any harmony
      Mmm - but she blinded me with science
      "She blinded me with - with science!"

    2. Janie: My friends used to ask how it was I listened to music while I read. There really has to be a lot going on before it's too much external stimuli for me. But when I am typing and trying to do multiple things online, it will occasionally be an overload.

      Shady: Are you sure it was the science? You might have a 45 in your eye. You've got to be careful about that kind of thing. It can be dangerous to be spinnin' those tunes over at the Dell. Be careful, man!

      Look at me! It's a two-fer! Responding to both of you at once - is that considered "green" or does actual paper have to be involved? What do you call it when you save cloud space? Going blue (or white)? Whatever it is, I'm doing that.

      Binarially and Digitally yours,

  2. Most of these are new to me. They are fabulous. Mikky Ekko has a beautiful voice.

    1. Don't you love it? He also recorded that with Rhianna (did I spell that right?) and it got a lot of airplay. I was going to post the Grammy performance with both of them, but their was an obvious lack of focus on MIkky.

  3. Good morning, dear Cherdo! Sorry I'm late. It took me close to an hour to reply to the myriad comments left overnight on my blog by that lovable elf, Janie Junebug.

    I'm just as lost here as you were on my blog. The only artist I knew was Elvis Costello. However, I enjoyed listening to your selections, especially the one by Elvis and #3 - "Candy."

    In my six plus years of blogging I have noticed a curious phenomenon. As little as ten years difference between my age and the age of a friend tends to make a huge difference in the type of music each of us likes or even knows about. The gap widens if my friend is a woman (which 99% are). Friends of mine in their mid 50s and younger, especially women, tend to pay much more attention to modern music and the latest chart hits than I do. However, I admit to having an obsession in recent years with millennial heavy metal bands like Butcher Babies, In This Moment and Deadlock and I am willing to risk losing a substantial number of followers by publishing a new series on modern heavy metal starting at the end of the year with my first annual New Year's Rockin' Eve - heavy metal edition.

    I have found that most women tend to enjoy sad, melancholy, emo love ballads such as those used in the soundtracks of date movies. To be honest, that is probably my least favorite type of music (and my least favorite genre of movie). I also cringe when music like that is used at the end of an episode of a TV drama to make certain we all get teary eyed. To me, it amounts to pandering.

    Mrs. Shady is an exception to the rule that I stated above. She enjoys listening to 90s grunge and edgy alternative rock bands like Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana. She hates easy listening emo ballads.

    Thank you for sharing these sounds and inviting discussion on this topic, dear friend Cherdo, and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

    (Elvis and Shady have left the building.)

    1. Janie may be dipping into the caffeine again. Someone take her Keurig.

      You're exactly right about the ten year span - it makes a huge difference. I know quite a bit of music from the 60s, but it is categorized differently. I know big hits and then I have favorite performers or bands that I will identify everything they ever recorded (Beatles, Monkees, Neil Diamond, Crosby Stills & Nash, etc.). After the 60s, I know much more - class of 77, baby!

      As for the 80s - got ya covered.

      The 90s - started getting picky.

      Post 2000 - lots of replay and possibly international.

      That's funny that you mentioned the music at the end of a TV drama - or during a pivotal scene. That irritates me, too. I've made a up term for it - the OVERscore. I always say, "Well, look who has stock in the recording industry...

      Thank you, Elvis and Shady! Have a great day.

      PS: I'm humming Downtown...

    2. did not did not
      Favorite Young Man knows a lot about music, from current stuff that's kind of unusual to--I don't know--Glenn Miller. He loves Janis Joplin. He loves CSNY.
      My nephew, Dr. Jason Goltz, is a metal head. Sometimes he writes about metal for magazines.

  4. Cherdo, thanks for sharing your favorites and I've enjoyed reading the comments as well. I don't usually have music going in the background when I'm writing. I love good music, but I'm not up on the performers to pick my favorites, just recognize the tunes. Thanks for the study today!

  5. That's interesting! Great selection. I usually pick songs that capture what love is all about--like Amazed by Lonestar or Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman by Bryan Adams. Most are by men...I think that's what I find really romantic--a man capturing what it's like to be in love with a woman.

  6. I am at work(shhh) so I can't listen to these right now but I do know some of them. My hubby and I like the same music and we both love classical and rock and jazzy /blues. Time to Say Goodbye is so beautiful. Lean on Me. Anything by Roy Orbison. At Last by Etta James. The last John Lennon album

  7. I know a couple of them, but my husband's favourites will be songs from India.

  8. Favorite song? I'm not entirely sure my wife has one. I know her favorite band, though: Roxy Music.

  9. I'm ashamed to say I recognized almost none of those songs. My two favourite love songs off the top of my head are Still Got the Blues by Gary Moore and Fallin' by Alicia Keys.

  10. Moon river.......but only sung by Audrey Hepburn x

  11. I recognized three, that last one I heard of but avoid it lol

  12. Dang! The only artist I even recognized was Elvis Costello. And I know I shouldn't say this but... I likes me the old young EC best. Yeah, he was no Miracle Man, and sometimes he'd Blame It On Cain, but he'd arouse in me Sneaky Feelings. These days I follow EC Less Than Zero. I'm too busy dancing with my girlfriend Alison in the places marked with signs that say No Dancing. But you know a guy like me is going to do the Mystery Dance while Waiting For The End Of The World, regardless of what the signs say. I'm Not Angry, but neither will I bid Welcome To The Working Week.

    Alright, I've commented on your blog bit, now Pay It Back by either commenting on mine or by buying me a pair of Red Shoes.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. I can multi-task, but not if it involves playing music and doing something else. It puts me on electronic overload. I am very sensitive to noise. Shuddup, Shady.


  14. My favorite song can vary from hour to hour.

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