Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last Son Gets License Limericks

It's a wonderful week for being on wheels (insert smirk). 

Juggernaut was stuck in Connecticut in the middle of a blizzard and horrible roads. Magoo was in a car that got t-boned. You didn't ask, but of course, the person who hit the car didn't have insurance...or a drivers license...or a green card...or seat belts for the half dozen kids in the car... Last but not least, Gonzo became a licensed driver.

I'm too old for this much excitement. I suggested to Hubzam that he consider it a bonding opportunity and take Gonzo for his test. He took a vacation day and off they went. Soon, I got a text that simply stated, "There he goes..."  Even that made me nervous, no joke! After three boys, I can barely scream, "Look out!" anymore. I held my breath till Hubzam texted me to say he passed.

So, in honor of this historical event, I feel a limerick or two coming on...

All my sons had to learn driving skill
We nurtured and trained them at will
They all did their best
Number 3 took his test
By now, Mom and Dad know the drill

With license in hand, Gonz rejoiced
And still Mom had warnings she voiced
It's wise to beware
When sons haven't a care
(Keys are hid on a nail on the joist)

The last boy that's left in our home
Is longing for something with chrome
"Hey, that's my own car - 
Just stay where you are"
(Turns out I am greedy...shalom!)

Look both ways when you cross the street. Remember who has the right of way. Ya'll drive careful now.  I've got another one on the road and he is just 205 months old. Seems too young.


  1. Oh my-I think back when I was 16 and had my driver's licence and think I was too young but it brings independence and this is what all parents want their kids to be. Love the poem-has heart to it. BTW-tomorrow I am posting about that stripper wedding I attended many moons ago. I think mentioned this to you in a previous post and you wanted to know more so you gave me the idea for my post:)

    1. Oh, yay! I am dying to read that story. I'll bet it is a doosie! Ha ha ha.

  2. I am so sorry about the Connecticut blizzard. I was in it, but not driving.

    ...And I am remembering my driver's license test. The handsomest Police Officer I've ever seen, a 10.5 on a scale of one to 3. Nice, patient. Once my 17 year old heart settled, I did just fine.

    After the test, my driving instructor, a former race car driver, said 'Oh, yeah. they're all nice. The guys that give the tests. They're on restricted duty, all of them."

    "Restricted duty?"

    "Yeah. They're all on disability for heart problems or some such."

    It was a good thing I didn't know that before I took the test. I'd be afraid that I'd be prosecuted for killing an officer. Not good to have the Pennsylvania State Police mad at you...

    1. That is hilarious.

      We were talking about our driving experiences as teens. I signed up for Driver's Ed, but wasn't technically old enough by the start of the class. My birthday was Feb. 8, and I needed to have that permit in hand. If I flunked the permit test, I'd have to wait 30 days to retake it. Whew! Passed it on the very day I turned 16 (that's when you could get a permit in OH at that time).

      Consequently, the first time my driver's ed teacher took me out for a drive...was the first time I ever drove. I'll bet he felt so needed.

  3. The Hurricane didn't have many opportunities to drive after she took driver's ed and passed the test. She was a boarder at prep school. She didn't have a car. When we moved to Illinois, we went to the DMV, and the woman at the first desk said that because The Hurricane wasn't 18 yet that she had to take the driving test again. We said okay, but turned away and gave each other THE LOOK. THE LOOK that means she's barely driven a car for a long time, and she has no hope of passing the test. A young man called her up to the next desk--the desk where she would be put in line to take the test. She flashed her dazzling smile at the young man. She tossed her long hair back over her shoulders. She didn't pretend to be stupid, but she didn't talk about math and physics. She smiled and smiled. He said, You don't really have to take the test. Do you like country music?

    No, she said.

    Oh, that's too bad, he said.

    I wasn't proud nor ashamed that she used her smile and her hair to get out of taking the test. I was just glad she got her license and then she could practice driving more with me in the car instead of someone who would make her even more nervous than I did.

    A few years ago I visited her. She drove us from Oakland to San Francisco. I closed my eyes and prayed. Somehow we arrived alive. She usually takes the BART. The world is a safer place that way.



    1. I don't know why I so often type "Love, Janie" twice. I guess I just have lots of love, or maybe I can't remember what I've just done. What day is it?

    2. Everything you tell me about The Hurricane makes me like her more.

      I still feel like scaredy-mom. Maybe that is my mental issue this month. Overcome projected car fears.

      Missing Shady today - he is on the road!

      Love, Love, Love
      Cherdo Cherdo Cherdo

      PS: We are going to be love-competitive.

  4. That's probably the first time I've seen a limerick that doesn't start with "There once was a man from..."

    I'm not sure whether congratulations or commiserations are in order ;)

    1. Actually, it was hard not to start it that way...but it's been done, ya know?

      Say your best Aussie prayer for me...I might go into helicopter mom mode, ha ha.

  5. I'm still laughing from the Batman holding his driver's license understudy! I was also a nervous wreck when my boys started driving. As a matter of fact, I'm still nervous driving with my husband. Wonderful limericks, and you are wise to say "shalom to the chrome!" Let him borrow your hubzam's car!



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