Monday, March 2, 2015

What Color is the Dress & Other Things That are Stupid About the Internet

Let's jump right in - we've all heard about "the dress" and the curious way no one can agree on its color. If you've been on Mars and missed the flap, I've placed a picture (or two) of it above left. Equally perplexing to me is the fact that I have no trouble see two dresses that are each different color combos in my illustration. 

My thoughts on the subject of the true hues of "the dress" fall into two distinct categories that are just as important as this dress' color-deliberations (insert smirk...a big one). 

Part 1: The Hype

All week long, I've been hearing about this dress. Okay, maybe people perceive the colors of this frock differently. Maybe it's the old rods and cones of the eyeball; maybe it's the lighting. 

It's getting on my nerves because I'm not sure why it is so gosh darn mesmerizing to the public. What I don't know about the mind of the public is HUGE. I'll never understand it, but I'm probably not alone. Marketers should be studying this; they might have a legitimate reason to examine the dispute further. The rest of us should go do something productive, for crying out loud.

I have a theory about this dress conundrum, though. The attraction to this is that we love to argue or debate a topic. Nothing gets under our skin more than another person's opinion that opposes our own. Oh, that self-righteous neuron would have to work over time on this one; it infers you don't know your colors and disagrees with you simultaneously. How in the world could that mental giant of a man/woman think that dress is black and blue when it is clearly white and gold? 

For the sake of brevity, read that last sentence again and flip the colors. We wouldn't want someone to say I played favorites.

Comments, anyone? There were plenty available. Actual cross words were exchanged with total strangers over the color of a dress that neither party would purchase, gift or wear. White and Gold! Thems fightin' words!  

In truth, I have to actually know a person to get riled; sorry, online strangers. You can say it's green and polka dot - I don't care. 

But if you must have a fashion outlet for wasting time, meditate on this one below.

It's obviously a wedding dress, so I say it's white and you can't stop me.

Part 2: What in the World...?

Of all the things that occurred in the past weeks - this dress controversy was the attention grabber?

February 27, 2015: Leonard Nimoy, our beloved Spock, passed away at the age of eighty-three. Actor, poet, singer, photographer and Vulcan - what more could you ask for?

Sure, but what color is the dress?  Did he mention the dress - did Spock think it was blue & black or gold & white?

Georgia was poised to execute Kelly Renee Gissendaner and the roller coaster of clemency requests and postponements is ongoing. The only other execution of a female occurred in 1924, though five women have occupied death row. All the other sentences were re-sentenced to life in prison.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...but what color was the dress? Gold & white or blue & black?

Just in case this next paragraph needs an illustration...

Iraq launched an offensive against ISIS north of Bagdad. 

If any Iraqi women were wearing the mystery-color dress, we will never know - but we can still debate the color of their hijab or chador, can't we?

Congress is divided and in an uproar over an invitation extended to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. That's so weird, because usually they agree and get along...

Does Netanyahu even know about the dress? You know, the black and blue one... gold and white one? Is it kosher?

Downton Abbey: Carson and Mrs. Hughes are planning to marry! Tom Branson and Sybbie are moving to Boston! Edith named her daughter after a plant!

None of them are wearing the dress of unidentifiable, infinitely debatable colors! Surely they could afford it.

At least the world has its priorities in order. There's comfort in that.


  1. Here's a science youtube video on why the dress looks like different colors at different times.

    1. Oh, MIke...I've seen them all. (Thanks, dear)

  2. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    Imagine the late, great Walter Cronkite opening his nightly network news broadcast thusly:

    "World War 3 broke out today....and an asteroid the size of Texas is hurtling toward planet earth with no way to stop it. Scientists warn that the human race is doomed....

    ...But the top story tonight... THE DRESS!

    Yessum, it looks like we've all got our priorities in order. Any which way you look at it, that dress is ugly and the horizontal stripes will make you look fat. Please tell me you see horizontal stripes and not vertical ones!

    On eBay, I recently bought a veiled wedding dress in bright primary colors that looks exactly like the one you posted. It cost a small fortune but it makes me feel pretty and, as L’OrĂ©al Paris reminds me, I did it "because I'm worth it."

    If Carson and Mrs. Hughes are planning to marry, the very first wedding gift they should receive is that book on modern methods of birth control that Anna Bates has been keeping stashed away for Lady Mary.

    Happy Monday, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. Boy, I love a guy who keeps up on his Downton drama. I can't believe Hubzam keeps up with it, too. That's true love (ha ha ha).

      The thought of you in a wedding dress, looking like a flamboyant parrot floating down the aisle...a vision! Janie and I, standing behind you, in ruffles in a lovely coordinating pastel. Ushers in mint green and light blue tuxes! When you renew your vows - I'm in.

      I just look around the room and realized that no one is cleaning my house! Darn it. I'll bet I have to do that again.

      Have a lovely, rainbow colored day!

    2. Downton underbutler Thomas Barrow and I are planning a June wedding. We are going to be Frank with each other. You and Janie are invited to attend. You can find my bridal registry at

      Hurry - June will be here before you know it!

    3. How do you feel about gift cards?

  3. Cherdo, great commentary on the ridiculous bantering on Facebook. My daughter posted, just get rid of it. It's meant for the 80s, and who cares what color it is? It is bizarre. I wasn't too surprised at the proposal, but admit I thought the hype about a proposal was going to be Edith and Tom, maybe. Have you seen the commercial about eating something and the caller asks if she likes the bridesmaid dress...Her answer, "I love my sister". It's too funny.

  4. I thought that was the silliest question. Even with the lighting issue it's clearly black and blue.

    We lost a legend. RIP Leonard!

    1. I'm one of those codgers who saw white and gold - and my son saw blue and black. At one point, I suspected that the picture was changing. I don't trust anyone...much...

      You're so right about that - Nimoy was legendary.

  5. >>... If you've been on Mars and missed the flap...

    I missed the flap, but I wasn't on Mars.
    I was the man on the Moon.

    This is the first I've heard about this. I don't even know where the dress is or who owns it.

    Well, it's obviously blue and black. Although the way it looks in the photo at the top, on the far left, a person could also call it lavender or light purple and black, I suppose.

    On the other hand, the shirt that Spock is wearing in the photo above is clearly gold and white.

    So, what's the hubbub, bub... ette?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Oh, it's just a little corner of crazy in The Online (I crack up every time my son says that). The public must argue about something! It's required.

  6. I didn't miss "the dress"... but I did ignore it!

  7. I don't understand how the thing about the dress got started, and I don't care. I just want to go to Shady's wedding to Mr. Barrow. I hope his infection is gone by then (Barrow's; I don't know anything about Shady's and will not discuss it if I'm asked).


  8. I must have been under a rock, or have better things to do, lol Agreed, people love to argue and debate, case in point with the dress.

  9. I think the dress is....plaid:) Sad that this stupidity was on the big evening news. I heard more about that than what was going on about ISIS...Do they all wear that dress? Leonard Nimoy was fantastic and will always live on. Loved Downton Abbey and that Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes are engaged. This made me giggle with delight! I want to see a new doggie next year and I can't believe we have to wait a whole year! I love your comment about the plant name....poor Edith and her girl names


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Love, Cherdo