Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5: The Bonehead Blog Hop

Welcome to the Bonehead Blog Hop, the place to unload! 

Your hosts are Author Diana Wilder of
and your old pal, Cherdo, of Cherdo on the Flipside.

Our motto: 
"Confession is good for the soul...it may not 
be your soul, but trust me - it's good for someone's soul."

My confession of of a boneheaded deed requires you to tap into your knowledge of pop culture. Specifically, the Super Bowl XXXVIII and the notorious Justin Timberlake / Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. In the midst of their performance, it appears Tennessee's own, Justin Timberlake, was supposed to pull off a portion of her costume at a prescribed time in the song. Always the over achiever, Justin took off a little too much of said costume, exposing Ms. Jackson's upper lady parts and a weird metallic sun piercing on the aforementioned upper lady part.

Hold that thought...

Justin T: "But I thought that was what I was supposed
to do and just pretend it was an accident.

The Bonehead Confession:
I have a favorite necklace; I've had it forever. It's an antique gold sun. It has gone through several chains and cords, but there's something about it that I still like, so I recycle it and bring it back to life with new cord. 

A few weeks ago, it was pretty sunny and I slipped into a light colored shirt and put on my sunshiny necklace. My apologies if I was just caught making up another word - sunshiny.

So, I've got a cup of coffee and I'm watching some kids do crafts. It was about mid-day. 

Two hours later, after I have been in contact with MANY other people, my friend starts singing, "I Miss You Much" (the Janet Jackson song) and laughing to himself. He's a big music nut, too, so I really didn't think much about it. Then he referred to me as "Ms. Jackson...if you're nasty."

Whaaaa? I had no idea what the joke was...that rarely happens to me. But I was getting the idea that I was at the center of it.

He pointed to my shirt. Apparently, while I was bending over the table, my necklace was in my coffee cup and came to land strategically on my upper right chest creating a lovely brown sunshine right smack dab in the middle of the "lady part." In fact, it looked a lot like the piercing of Ms. Jackson.

...And I walked around like that for hours before I knew. 'Cause I'm a bonehead. 

(P.S. The purse-sized stain remover stick won't touch it after it's been there over an hour.)


Come on! Join us!


  1. I think you are not at all at fault here. I think your 'friends' should have said something sooner. But maybe the girls were trying to give you a social clue and you were missing it. Were all the girls rubbing their breasts as they walked by you that day?

  2. Not Your Fault !
    The Boneheads are all the others that lets you walk around like that.
    Goodness graciousness great balls of fire.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. CHERDO ~
    Now are you sure that was all purely accidental-like? It couldn't have been that you done it deliberately but you're only P-R-E-T-E-N-D-I-N-G it came as a surprise, could it? You know, like them other two - Jackson and Timberpond.

    I never saw that whole "wardrobe malfunction" because I never watch the Super Bowl halftime shows. That's when I go out and get a Chipotle burrito or just throw the football around in the yard (or make a beer run). I think the only halftime show I ever watched was Tom Petty's. The rest of 'em... I got bUDDER things to do.

    Nah, I believe you done it by accident. You ain't no Janet Jackson type. (That's a compliment!)

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Actually, if I was trying to do that, I couldn't have made a more perfect coffee sun. :-)

      "Timberpond"...I"m never calling him Timberlake again. I'm stealing your line. If he will call me, however, and come to my home, I will consider doing it on purpose. The coffee sun, that is.

      Usually, I do watch the half-time show, but not always when it occurs (thank you, YouTube). 'm not much of a sports buff and I lean heavily towards baseball, anyhow. Or curling - those crazy curlers make my day.

      Thanks, Stephen!

    2. CHERDO ~
      You may steal "Timberpond" with my blessing.
      (I know that takes the fun out of it though.)

      ~ D-FensDogG

  4. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    I enjoyed you confession of a bonehead deed, the time you experienced your very own wardrobe malfunction.

    Reminds me of the time I got a bust in the mouth. (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    It's a funny thing. As I gazed at the picture of your necklace, I became curious. I began to focus intently on that antique gold sun. I noticed its beauty, its detail and how it reflects the light. I began to notice that my eyelids were getting heavier and heavier and that I was growing drowsy. Soon, I was able to drift off into deep, relaxing sleep. Then, your pendant spoke to me. It ordered me to go forth and do its bidding and commit all manner of bonehead deeds without question, without hesitation. It told me that I must and will obey.

    Please, dear friend, count down from 5 to 1 and snap your fingers, allowing me to awake, feeling relaxed and refreshed... and remember nothing of this.

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend Cherdo!

    1. I'm willing (sort of) to do the count down, but there may be a few more requests to add.

      There will be a knock at your door and an ancient Moor will hand you two things: an envelope with a round trip ticket to a certain city in Nevada and a box. In the box is a prom dress (tasteful and flattering to your figure). Put it on and go to that certain city in Nevada. Once you leave the plane, you will go to Napoli Pizza on West Sahara Avenue. Buy a pizza and deliver it to the casa of Stephen T. McCarthy. Say nothing at first, then depart with the line,

      "I shoulda quit you, long time ago.
      I shoulda quit you, baby, long time ago.
      I shoulda quit you, and went on to Mexico..."

      Return home. 5, 4, 3, 2, ....1.

      Thanks for stopping by, Shady! Happy Tuesday!

    2. OMG - that's hilarious, sweet friend!

    3. Please make certain that panties printed with bicycles cannot be seen through the prom dress when the light hits it from any angle.

      Also be advised, that there will be an approximately 6-hour drive North between the time you receive the pizza on West Sahara Avenue and the time you deliver it. Keep that pizza warm, 'cause Stephen T. McCarthy is not one who eats cold pizza for breakfast.

      Please bear in mind that STMcC is a vegetarian. Although he's not a vegan, he does not eat fish either, so... "NO ANCHOVIES, PLEASE".

      ~ D-FensDogG

      POSTSCRIPT: And to think that SHE thinks I'm the one who drives the Crazy Train! Ha!

      By the way, "NO ANCHOVIES, PLEASE" is a linky-pooh.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  5. I've done something similar, but with barbecue sauce, lol.

  6. I don't know if that was boneheaded or just funny.

    I'd participate in this hop, but the more Soundtrack posts I write... well, they more boneheaded they get. It seems like overkill...;)

    1. Well, leaning over and leaving it in your coffee cup sort of fits the bill.

      I'm going to start posting "the Soundtrack of My Life" on Thursdays. I'm IN!.

  7. HI, Cherdo,

    Such a fun hop! It happens to all of us.... Someone should have pointed it out earlier.... It did make quite the statement though. LOL.

    1. Hey, Michael, good to hear from you - hope all is well with the new digs. Have you completely "Di Gesu-ed" it yet? Take care!

  8. Oh my-I wondered if you could get that stain out. I don't know why but I am thinking of those falsies strippers where and that song "The minute you walked through the door..."

  9. On the bright side, it wasn't televised. :)

  10. Great story. I think many of us have been in similar situations. However your was a bit worse. Thanks for sharing!

  11. LOL That's a hilarious story Cherdo and Jusitn's face was priceless. I'm sure yours was too "Ms. Jackson."

  12. Something told me that would happen. At least you weren't really naked or anything!

  13. Yep....I can so see that happening. I try to forget those things...a good laugh on you Cherdo!

  14. haha at least you only gave a few some ideas

  15. Oh Cherdo - I hate to be late - but I am. In fact, this month's bonehead post will probably beat any other I could write. You see I forgot about the hop.....anyway,,, I did it.

    I saw that super bowl. Funny thing is... I rarely watch them. Usually, I'm doing snacks. I thought it was a joke. Your's of course was a joke. No one actually wants to deal with coffee stains, right? LOL

  16. If that's your worst bonehead deed, then I think you're in pretty good standing.

  17. I enjoyed your story! Great bonehead episode.

  18. Hey, you should have pretended that it was deliberate! What is it that Sally Stanford (former madam, became Mayor of Sausalito) said? If they try to run you out of town, get to the front and make it look like a parade!

  19. Oh dear :P And you didn't even make international headlines for it :(

  20. Great story, Cherdo, and your bonehead image made me smile. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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