Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: Alligator Point

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My partying days look totally different now than they did in the past. I'm a geezer!

Hubzam and I love to vacation at the shore - the calm, family type shore. Far be it for me to take someone's spot on the nude beaches. No sunbathers would be happy with the amount of shade I cast, anyhow. Quiet days are more my style - after all, it's a vacation!

We've had many great beach vacations and I love them all. The Outer Banks and Charleston, S.C., are at the top of our list. Just about ANY island in the gulf could be on the list (except for poor old Grenada...sorry, folks). I genuinely love a whole lot of vacation spots.

A few years back, we discovered Alligator Point on the Florida panhandle.

Nothing about Alligator Point is fancy; I can't say that it has an abundance of restaurants or tourists traps. It's an easy drive to St. George Island or Wakula Springs, if you want a day trip. The beach house we rented was okay, but it wasn't new and showed some wear and tear (which is to be expected).

What's so great about it then? The wildlife at the shore was unbelievable. We love to hunt for shells, watch dolphins, and osprey. Every sand dollar we see in the tidal pools thrills us. I believe we found more than fifty within a week.

If you want to go to Alligator Point, get a beach house. In the long run, it's cheaper than a hotel. We preferred the inlet side, rather than the gulf side. 

As much as I like eating out at restaurants, it's nice to have the option to cook some of the meals yourself. 

Though I'm not sure why it's called Alligator Point.  If you really need to see an alligator, drive up to Wakula Springs and take the tour. You're guaranteed to see one. I think we saw about ten. 

I'm looking foreward to seeing the other "favorites!" There's never enough vacation time.


  1. So I guess we're not going to see any pictures of you in a string bikini playing beach volleyball.

  2. I don't want to see alligators. That sounds like a nice place to visit. I wonder how far away it is.


    1. Gulf side...panhandle...that's as close as I can get you.

    2. Gulf side...panhandle...that's as close as I can get you.

    3. Did you tell me twice because you thought I was too stupid to get it the first time?

  3. Sounds like a great place. I've gone to Rosemary Beach near P.C. and Destin.

  4. Wildlife can make or break any spot. Fancy is for other people--give me a great place like this any time.

  5. Sounds like a nice spot for a break indeed.

  6. Haven't been to Alligator Point - but I love the beach!

  7. I love seeing wildlife, although alligators are a little too wild for me. It sounds like a lovely and peaceful place. No fighting the crowds for a place on the beach. Thanks for joining the hop! :)

  8. >>... Every sand dollar we see in the tidal pools thrills us. I believe we found more than fifty within a week.

    Whew! I couldn't live on fifty (sand) dollars a week. Heck, my bar tab alone is three times that amount.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  9. I hadn't heard of alligator point, but sure wouldn't want to be there if it's namesake appeared.

  10. Thanks for sharing about Alligator Point. I spend half of the year in Florida and have never heard of it.

  11. I wish I went somewhere on enough vacations that I had a favorite place that still exists...

  12. This looks like a perfect stop for a vacation. I am not much for crowds and the typical tourist traps. Love the Great blue heron or is that a Crane?

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