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Blog Tour! Author Chrys Fey

One of my favorite blogs belongs to writer Chrys Fey and it's called Write with Fey. With her experience and training, she is able to provide informative posts about the mechanics of writing in a style that I love! 

Give a big welcome to my guest host for June 9th: Take it away, Chrys!

Thank you for opening up for blog to me, Cherdo, so I can talk about my newest short story, Witch of Death. :)

There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation out there about witches, so let’s debunk them and get some facts straight, shall we? ;)

1. Witches fly on broomsticks at night. T or F?

False. Witches use brooms to cleans sacred spaces and sweep away negative energy.

2. The pentagram is the sign of evil. T or F?

False. The pentagram represents the earth element and the feminine force.

3. Practical Magic isn’t just the name of a book/movies, but a type of magic. T or F?

True. Practical magick is the use of magic for practically means, such as for healing and medicinal use through herbs, tea, soap, candles, and aroma therapy.

4. Witches wear pointed hats. T or F?

True. A pointed hat represents a cone of power flowing from a higher source into the witch’s mind. They are mostly worn during rituals.

5. Witches sacrifice animals for spells and rituals. T or F?

False. Witches believe animals and everything on earth, including trees and rocks, are sacred.

6. Witches serve in the military. T or F.

True. As of 2006, an estimated 1,800 witches serve the US Military.

7. Everyone who practices Wicca is a witch. T or F?

False. There are also Pagans. And some people who practice the beliefs of these religions don’t cast spells or do magick work, so they are not witches.

8. Witches perform spells to attract things
they want. T or F?

True. Witches do try to attract good things they want, but they never cast a spell that harms others or takes away someone’s free will.

9. Wiccans honor the gods and goddesses only. T or F?

False. Many Wiccans pray to the Christian God and also believe that all spiritual paths (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) are equally valid and essentially lead to the same place.

10. Witches have hooked noses and warts. T or F?

False. Witches look like everyone else.

Title: Witch of Death
Author: Chrys Fey
Genre: Supernatural/Suspense
Format: eBook Only

Page Count: 45 (short story)
Release Date: May 20th, 2015
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Detective Reid Sanders doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but when he’s faced with a crime scene that defies the laws of nature, he has no other choice but to start believing. And solving a magical murder involves working with a witch.

Liberty Sawyer embodies the look of your classic evil witch, so, it’s no surprise when she uncovers the murderer is a witch that she becomes Reid’s number one suspect. If she can’t convince him otherwise, more people could lose their lives to dark magic, including her.



Liberty Sawyer glided swiftly through the horde of police officers, reporters, and on- lookers. Black hair fell from a rigid part in the middle of her scalp to her hips. Her eyes were a soul-stabbing blue and her lips were blood-red. She towered over the other officers on the scene, and wore all black, which set off 6 the pallor of her skin.

Showing her badge to the officer, she slipped under the crime scene tape. A few paces away, she spotted Detective Corbin talking to his new partner, a man she knew by name but hadn’t had the privilege of meeting yet.

“I cannot believe you called her,” the new man was saying when she came up behind them. “We don’t need a damn psychic!”

“Actually, I’m a witch.” She smiled when Reid jolted and turned to face her. “I’m Detective Liberty Sawyer.” She stuck out her hand.

“Detective Reid Sanders,” he grunted back and took her hand.

The feel of his palm against hers sent tingles of lust from the tips of her fingers to her shoulder blade, and she knew he felt it too by the way he jerked his hand back. She winked at him playfully, hoping it would unnerve him even more.



Jolie Montgomery, a twenty-one-year-old woman, wakes up in an alley next to her corpse. She has no memories of her murder or the night she died. She didn’t even see the killer’s face before he or she took her life. Wanting justice, Jolie seeks answers in the only way a ghost can...by stalking the lead detective on the case.

Avrianna Heavenborn is determined to find the person responsible for a young woman’s death. She gets closer to the killer’s identity with every clue she uncovers, and Jolie is with her every step of the way.

But if they don’t solve her murder soon, Jolie will be an earth-bound spirit forever.

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Chrys Fey is the author of Hurricane Crimes and 30 Seconds. She is currently working on the sequel to Hurricane Crimes that’ll serve as book two in the Disaster Crimes series.

When Fey was six years old, she realized her dream of being a writer by watching her mother pursue publication. At the age of twelve, she started writing her first novel, which flourished into a series she later rewrote at seventeen. Fey lives in Florida where she is waiting for the next hurricane to come her way.

You can connect with her on Facebook and her blog, Write with Fey. She loves to get to know her readers! 

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Facebook / Blog / Website / Goodreads 
Thank you all for visiting and hopefully commenting. ;) 


  1. Hi, Chrys! I have seen you around these parts for quite some time. It's nice to finally meet you and sample your writing. Witchcraft has always been of interest to me. Misleading stereotypes abound and I thank you for giving us some interesting facts about witches to set the record straight.

    Janie Junebug, Robin, Bouncin' Barb and I are a few of your blogging neighbors here in Florida, and together we will await the hurricanes and ride out any and all storms. I have an added concern:

    I blew out my flip flop,
    Stepped on a pop top.

    Again it is a pleasure to meet you, dear Chrys. I am sure your books will attract a lot of readers.

    1. Hi, Shady! It's nice to meet you. I always like to get to know other Florid bloggers. :)

      You're welcome for my little T or F lesson. I figured Cherdo's site would be the best place for this. And I'm glad you appreciated it. :)

  2. She sounds like an interesting author to look into! She is definitely an original!

    1. Thank you! :D And based off your blogger picture and name, I can tell you're an original too. ;)

  3. Nice to know they don't sacrifice animals.

    1. All animals are safe in their presence. :)

  4. I am a fan of Chrys too. I just recently found her blog in April during the A to Z. She is so cool and I love reading her blog. How awesome is it when you see one of your fave bloggers introduce another one of your fave bloggers. Its a good day!
    My mom collects witches. I know that sounds weird but we love Halloween like no other. She collects unique and pretty witches and its fun to be on the look out to find one for her gifts. One of my most favorite places in the world is Salem, Mass. I've been there about 12 times and I cant get enough of the intriguing seaside town that held the witch trials.

    1. Hi, Holli! You think I'm cool? *blushes* Thank you! :)

      I LOVE Halloween too and collect anything that has to do with witches to set out as decorations. I've always wanted to go to Salem.

    2. You're too sweet, Holli! :-)

  5. The cat like the animals one. But rocks? They can go ahead and sacrifice a rock lol no warts, broomsticks or long noses? Geez, I've been lied to.

  6. Thank you so much for having me as a guest, Cherdo! I was really looking forward to being on your blog and I am not disappointed. :D

    1. You are welcome here any time, Chrys! I genuinely love your blog and posts and consider it a privilege. ;-)

  7. This was very informative about witches. It sounds like many cultures like the Native Americans who hold nature and animals dear. Congrats Chrys on the books and being shown here on Cherdo's blog. The books do sound like a good read

    1. Wicca does sample from many different cultures...or many cultures sample from it. Thank you, Birgit! I am happy to be here on Cherdo's blog. :)

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  9. Hi, Chrys! Best of luck with your latest.

  10. Best of luck with your books Chrys.

  11. Loved this post! People have so many misconceptions about witches. I adore stories that break the stereotypes. :)


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