Monday, September 21, 2015

"Mom! I've Been in an Accident!"

Gonzo's pride and joy: his first car!
Thursday, September 10, started off as a relaxing day for Hubzam and I. He'd taken a few days off and we had armed ourselves with a "to-do" list and a general goal of trying out a new lunch spot. 

Gonzo was reviewing his school work before leaving for classes at a local community college. Hey, wasn't this the toddler afraid of trick or treaters just a moment ago? Time has been flying by at a ridiculous speed. Hubzam and I have been especially proud of the college classes he was taking; get a jump on those courses, son! Technically, he is still in high school. He tapped into a scholarship that allowed him to take them for free. Mommy likey.

With a shout of "see ya later", we were off. That "to do" list was doomed to be reduced to zip. 

An hour later, a received a call on my cellphone from a number I didn't recognize. Usually, I wouldn't even answer an unknown caller but for some reason, I did. 

"Mom! Mom! I've been in a accident!" Gonzo shouted. I envisioned a frightened teenager standing next to a fender-bender on some unknown side street. The boy was so proud of his Honda Accord and a careful driver to boot. 

"Tell me where you are, calm down - we're coming," I replied. 

Soon Hubzam and I would discover that the intersection he directed us to was not the site of his accident. Grabbing my cellphone, I re-dialed the mystery number and asked for Gonzo again, telling him that he should look around for a street sign.

Now he sounded more panicked as he responded: "I don't know...I don't know...I'm trapped in the car and I can't feel my legs...I'm pinned in the car..."  

The phone went dead.

For a moment, Hubzam and I froze. We didn't know where he was - and he was trapped in a car. In all actuality, only a few seconds passed before we had the presence of mind to jump on the usual route to school and just trace his path till we got to him. As it turned out, we were only five minutes away. 

What greeted us up ahead was shocking. Two large firetrucks blocked the road; an ambulance and an EMT vehicle were beyond the trucks and the highway patrol was present with lights flashing. With all the blocked traffic, we couldn't drive right to the accident. Being the bossy, frantic woman that I had become in that moment, I told (not asked...see what I mean?) Hubzam to park the car and let me out...he may have even stopped the car before I opened the door. 

Running down the road, it occurred to me that my efforts probably ceased to look like running ten years ago - thus is the genetic betrayal that is my BMI. As I passed a rubberneckin' gentleman in a red pickup truck, he commented, "There's a dead body in that car."  He was pointing at the back of Gonzo's car. 

"That's my son," I gasped as I passed him; I prayed the man was wrong.

Meanwhile, Hubzam had used his superior brainpower to figure out a way to drive closer to the wreck site. Rounding the firetrucks, I saw a car that had clearly ceased to resemble a Honda product. It looked like it might have exploded. A drape covered the driver's side and I could see a Spiderman shoe sticking out at the bottom, trapped in a halo of metal. I shouted him name and immediately I heard Gonzo's voice as he replied, "Mom!"

A fireman in the backseat of his car flipped the drape forward and I could see he was holding Gonzo's head in a brace and steadying him as they prepared to use the jaws of life to extract him from the car. Blood caked the left side of his head and ear. Time now crept by at an immeasurably slow pace as I watched them pull him out and overheard their comments to one another: "...broken legs...internal injuries...head injury..."

As they loaded him into an ambulance, I asked if I could ride with him. 

"Not as fast as I'm going to drive, ma'am," the paramedic replied firmly and then smiled and told Hubzam and I to please drive carefully. 

That drive seemed to take forever and I quickly contacted prayer buddies. Hubzam told me that wasn't important but I knew that both Gonzo and I would put someone on a prayer list for a whole lot less, fully believing in the power of prayer to change things. If you must ask to receive - then I was asking.

At the trauma center, we awaited the news and the chance to see him. And then the miracles began to stack up. 

  • Thank God we were close enough to get to him; parents, you know what I mean.
  • Gonzo's car was hit by a large truck that spun out of control. He was not at fault on any level.
  • No one else was hurt. 
  • Thank God that Hubzam had taken a vacation day and we were together; we are strongest when we lean on each other. 
  • Gonzo didn't have broken legs...or a head injury...or internal injuries...
  • Hubzam and I both saw bruises all across his chest - they disappeared.
  • The bleeding from his left ear was due to a cut behind the ear. 
That's not to say that he did not get hurt; unfortunately, he did. Both knees were mangled and one was so deeply lacerated that glass and debris was found between the joint and patella. An opening in the surgery schedule allowed them to take him right in to the operating room and clean both knees up; another miracle. 

Meanwhile, our pastors, friends and brothers filled the waiting area. Real brothers - you know, the Juggernaut and Magoo! Gonzo's best friend, who I shall call Not-Gonzo (they share the same name in real life), and his parents waited patiently with us long into the night. The presence of these angels had a calming affect on a tense situation.

Juggernaut and Magoo entertained the group and I prayed, "Please, God, let these boys remember three of these people are pastors..."  

Finally, Gonzo was in a room and the next phase of healing began. After a round of IV antibiotics, they removed a drain from his knee and sent him home in a wheelchair. A few days later, as he reached for a bookbag, something snapped in his arm and we went back to the hospital to find that his arm was broken (also a result of the crash).  A lovely purple cast memorializes the trip.

The EMTs and firemen made it clear that they had never taken a conscious person from an accident like that one. This could be a much, much worse story. Two bad legs, one broken arm, pain, discomfort, multiple surgeries, but he is trying to keep a good attitude, in spite of it all.

I have my boy.

He didn't miss church on Sunday or Scouts on Monday. He had all his homework done for the co op classes on Wednesday. It wasn't easy getting there, either, peeps. 


I'll bet you thought I was using the LOAF coupons.
Wasted LOAF coupon...
Today, Gonzo returns to surgery. It may not be the last one but each step takes him closer to recovery and I'll go with that for now. If you're a prayin' man or woman, send some his way for healing and pain relief; it will be appreciated.

Blogging and comments will be sporatic, friends, but I'm around and I'll be back to regular posts in the future. To everything there is a season. Don't forget me till then.



  1. So good to hear the whole story. I was thinking who knows what I feel better now,
    I am so happy to know that while the injuries are terrible he is alive and going to recover.
    My Sunday night just got better.

    Still holding all of you in my heart.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks, dear - you know I'll continue to send prayers your way, too. Hugs to thehamish.

  2. So happy that it ended well. Wow, what a sight it must have been for you. All the best with the recovery process and stay blessed and thankful always!

    1. Thank you, my friend! I'll be around when I can. We are truly aware of how blessed we are and yes - thankful!

  3. None of you will be forgotten in this house, especially not Gonzo.

    He is alive and will be whole again. Love to you Momma, I know you were terrified.

    1. Oh, I was, Jacqueline - but he is going to recover and I'm just glad that is the end of the story.

  4. So scary! Thank God Gonzo was able to be extricated and should recover completely. He is in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Saying a prayer for you all and thank God your son is okay. My son is older but it doesn't mean I don't worry. I shivered reading this.

  6. A call no parent wants to get. Thank God he is alive and will recover. There is great power in prayer and those were all miracles indeed. Will continue to pray for your son.

  7. What an incredible story, dear friend, and indeed one filled with miracles. It amazes me that Gonzo was able to phone you from his mangled car and that you were able to find him and be there for him even before he was extricated from the wreckage. To hear people uttering words like, "internal injuries, head injury" and "There's a dead body in that car" must have sent a chill of sheer horror through you. Thank goodness all of those initial observations were wrong. Thank goodness you and your husband were together and stayed strong.

    I once owned a sporty Honda CR-X. Eventually we gave it to Mrs. Shady's daughter and her husband to help them out. On Thanksgiving night 1996 we got a phone call from our daughter (four months pregnant) telling us that the two of them had been in a serious accident and were being transported to the hospital. She told us where it happened. On the way to the hospital we drove past the scene of the crash. I remember feeling sick and nearly throwing up when I saw the extensive damage caused to their little car by a speeding pick-up truck that had run a stop sign and broadsided it. The driver's side of the car was crushed right where our son-in-law had been seated behind the wheel. He suffered severe head injuries and brain damage and wasn't expected to live. Miraculously he is stll with us today and just took a job playing guitar in a band. Our daughter did not lose the baby. The baby was born healthy. Our granddaughter is now 18 and a college freshman.

    Gonzo has youth on his side. He has a positive attitude and determination. He has you and your husband and his brothers. He has friends and relatives all rooting for his complete recovery. He has his faith. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend Cherdo.

  8. I've had a few of those calls over the years. Nothing to compare to what you saw when you got there. Gonzo is young and will bounce back. Halo of metal is an apt description for the passenger compartment that managed to not totally collapse.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear this horrible story with a happy ending. I got a call like that from my "Mike" when he totaled my brand new car but I was more concerned about him as us moms do. So glad your Mike is coming along. I'm not religious but I am spiritual and will send my healing thoughts for him out to the universe. They should arrive shorty!!

  10. Oh Hon!! I am so sorry that happened to Gonzo. I am praying right now and adding your family to my prayer list. Incredible story that he walked away with the injuries he has. God is sooo good!

  11. Dear Cherdo, this brought back a memory of my daughter at 8 lying in the middle of a road, hit by an old man in his car on her bicycle. Time stands still as the emt's work and the hospital gets things under control. We fortunate as were you and Gonzo that he is healing. I will be praying for him....and for Mom.

  12. That is awful indeed, but glad it has a happy ending. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery as sometimes wounds can take a while to heal, but they do heal.

  13. OMG-All last week I was thinking about you and couldn't shake it. I don't know why, but I am almost in tears especially when I saw the car. he has a guardian angel and I am so very glad he will come through this with less physical injuries than could have been. I am certain you have had plenty of sleepless nights and might be just getting around to sleeping. Thankfully he has a caring family and friends and so do you and your hubzam. I hope the man in the truck will get charged. Sorry that I went that way but I did. Now I send you prayers and hugs and hope you will find sleep and eat well to keep your energy up.

  14. Oh gracious! We will certainly keep your son in our prayers and thank our precious heavenly Father for keeping His hand upon your child. This truly is a miracle that he was spared! God's blessings for a speedy recovery!

  15. I am not someone who normally prays but I will for Gonzo (& you)!!

  16. DOC CHERDO, I have just added another prayer to the collection. I have The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit involved in this. I know, 'cause I asked Them to be involved.

    Back when you first contacted me via text and requested prayer support, I said mine, and then started texting other folks, seeking more.

    My Brother is big into praying - he is a good pray-er! And I loved his immediate, right-to-the-powerful-point response to my text. I told him what had happened and asked him to pray. Within about 10 seconds I got a return text that said simply this: OK I'M ON IT

    That told me... "EGBOK".

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  17. Ah, Cherdo... I prayed for Gonzo when it happened, but I really had no idea how bad it was (or COULD HAVE BEEN). I can't imagine how scary that day was for you. I'm so thankful that it turned out to be (fairly) minor injuries. I hope they send him to rehab for those knees. That's one of those things that can pain you later in life in life. Rehab has a come a long way toward preventing those issues from arising later.

    I will continue to pray for Gonzo and his recovery.

    Looking at that car... God was working powerfully that day. Miracles do happen!

  18. I can't even imagine how terrifying that must have been...those moments from getting the phone call to getting to his I'm so glad he's okay. I was following this on Facebook and was amazed that he was in such good shape with as bad as that car looked.

  19. Prayers for you all going forward, and prayers of gratitude for what that accident might have been but was not!

  20. "'Gonzo,' Peter said to him, 'Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and take care of your mat.' Immediately Gonzo got up. All those who lived in Tennessee and Florida and the rest of the world saw him and turned to the Lord." (kinda from Acts 9: 34-35)


  21. This is every parent's nightmare. Thanks to God that your boy will be okay. Too bad you all had to deal with this though.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  22. This is every parent's worst nightmare, well not worst because it could have been so much worse. Glad he's on the mend and maintaining a positive attitude.

  23. Wow, sweetheart, God's mercy certainly saved Him! You take care of that boy and we'll keep him in our prayers!

  24. Thank God he's okay. I don't even know the boy and I was panicking halfway through the post. I can't even imagine how scared you must have been.

  25. I can imagine the stress you must be under. Thank goodness, it's not as bad as it could have been. Best wishes to your son for a speedy recovery!

  26. All my best wishes to you and family.

  27. OMG! What a horrible accident and that car looks terrible. Your son is so very, very lucky. And I teared up hearing about those who came to the hospital to support you. Those are keepers! Wishing your son quick recovery and no more accidents EVER!

  28. Oh my gosh, wow! That sounds SO scary! I can't even imagine! I'm glad he's not seriously injuries and wish him a super quick recovery.

  29. Still reeling from reading this post. It's every parent's nightmare, only here the ending is much better, thank G-d. I'm barely able to type this reply comment.

  30. Wow. Looking at that car, I totally believe there were angels and miracles flying left and right.

    When I was in high school, one of my besties was in a wreck. She still has glass surface periodically from her injuries.

  31. That is so terrifying Cherdo! My son's only 6 but I dread the day that call comes. It's good that he escaped with so few injuries and in good spirits. Here's hoping everything goes well and I'll check back for the update.

  32. I am glad to hear that he is okay--that had to be terrifying

  33. Sorry to hear about the accident.
    But so glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
    My thoughts shall be with you and your family.
    Wishing for a speedy recovery for him.

  34. I'm one of the ones who McCarthy texted, asking for prayers. And I did. I hope it helped even a little, and I'm supremely glad that he's alright, given the situation.

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