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Oct. 5: The Bonehead Blog Hop

"Confession is good for the may not
be your soul, but trust me - it's good for someone's soul."

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At first, I thought I'd carry this tale to my grave (for reasons I will explain below). There are somethings that you do that you just don't want the other person involved to good can come of it, after all. 

Ah, what the's been a slow month for boneheadery. 

Friends know that our lives have basically whirled around Gonzo's accident since early September. At times, it has been an exhausting challenge fueled by worry. We've had some long days. One of the challenges is that my son is a bit of a neat freak about himself and now we have to be really creative with bathing and personal hygiene. 

As a Mom, I know that healing is more than just a bunch of cells knitting together. Mental health comes into play; at times, I think he worries that we are doing too much but the fact of the matter is this is what family is for. We're happy to have the opportunity to help in any way. No matter how weary, we try to be upbeat and encouraging.

On a particularly tiresome day, Gonzo had just left the bathroom (no small task) and made his way to his "bed" (I use the term loosely; his room is actually upstairs). After sharing our "good nights", I placed my glasses on the table and started to walk to my bedroom.  

A frantic look crossed his face: "Mom! I forgot to brush my teeth!"

Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal. But the prospect of getting back to the bathroom had gotten harder over the last month, so I suggested I bring supplies to him. I carefully laid out a small towel and a glass of water plus a cup to spit in and went and got the toothpaste and toothbrush. With eyes at half mast, he brushed and completed the task. I gathered up the supplies and went to put them back in the drawer.

It was then that I noticed the toothbrush was PINK. (Note: At the risk of appearing tradional, may I say that Cherdo is the only girl in this house.)

He wondered what made me buy new toothbrushes when the other ones were pretty new.

As I write this, he still doesn't know he used my toothbrush and when he finds out, he will have a nuclear freakout...


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  2. Good morning, dear Cherdo!

    As you pointed out, Gonzo's recovery is an ordeal in a number of ways. It is a frustrating and sometimes humiliating experience. Gonzo is a lot like me. Personal hygiene is important to guys like us. We prefer to handle it on our own and feel embarrassed when we need to rely on others for help. During a long recovery from surgery earlier in my life I felt the same as your son does now. I remember begging the hospital nurses to shampoo my hair. They said it wasn't their job and getting me wet violated the doctors orders. I continued to whine and they finally broke down, got permission, carted me off to another room and shampooed me. My parents and I used to kid each other about our toothbrushes. For instance, if I saw my mother brushing her teeth I would stand next to her and say "Is that your toothbrush? I thought it was an old one that nobody uses. I just finished using it to scrub the moldy grout in the shower!" :)

    I hope the good news about Gonzo far outweighs the bad from now on, dear friend Cherdo. I continue to keep him in my prayers.

    1. In spite of the problems associated with care, Gonzo has impressed me with his willingness to put up with a whole heck of a lot of stuff that would make most teens cringe or crumble. All my sons are blessings and I am amazed at the new ways I can appreciate them as they go older; right now, I'm thankful for Gonzo's personality (including the OCD part...we've all got a touch of that).

      Thank you for your continued prayers! Day by day, by day...

  3. I hope Gonzo is doing much better, and I've missed getting more news about his progress. I'm sure that isn't the worst thing you could have done. After all, it's just family!

    1. In our family, we laugh about everything. With the right amount of time, this becomes funny, too!

  4. I was going to ask you about Gonzo. As one with some knowledge of such things, the photo of the car made me sit back and frown thoughtfully. I'm glad he is coming along, but also glad that he didn't notice the color of the toothbrush. That might have cause a setback... But anyone dealing with such issues (the accident, not the toothbrush) and not sitting around blowing spit bubbles or playing with his/her lips has reached heights of strength and survival that requires admiration. You get a pass on bone-header.

    1. Thank you, Diana. :-)

      I can't believe we BOTH didn't notice but we've had some tired days and nights.

  5. Oh no...I would freak out also and i don't consider myself a neat freak by any stretch

    1. Hey, me, too! Definitely not done on purpose!

  6. I once found out my wife used my toothbrush to clean grout in the shower, and then put it back without telling me. Thank God for marriage counselors.

  7. I know confession is good for the soul, but it might not be so good when the person to whom you want to confess is recovering from major injuries. I hope you keep it to yourself--just this once.


    1. While some people use medication and therapies, we've always healed with laughter and poking at each other. Besides, he doesn't read my blog...I thought it funny that he even asked why I wasn't posting when I was so busy with him. He knows what I do because I take up computer time late at night. LOL.

      We have a saying in our house: if we're not messing with you, we don't like you. And if you're not able to laugh at your own idiocy...well, I don't know what to do with that because we create daily bonehead events - no matter what is going on.

  8. So glad to hear Gonzo is on good road to recovery. Prayers continue for your family.


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