Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving Table is Set (Revisiting a Memory)

[This is a repost from 2014. Some stories stay the same.]

Dashing around yesterday, I made a little "me" time to re-visit a hole-in-the-wall antique shop. Hubzam and I had stopped there three or four days ago and as I wandered through the little shop, I spied a set of goblets on a shelf. Instant heart glitch; I squealed with delight! It was a set of vintage Libby Silver Leaf glassware that goes perfectly with my china pattern. I know this because I have some water and juice glasses, and these were the same type.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

BOTB Results: "Goodnight, Saigon"

Whoo-ah! That wasn't even close. Perhaps it was the serious Kennedy honors staging, the elderly reflective Billy Joel in the audience, or the jaunty cowboy hat - but Garth won it, fair n' square.  

Seriously, though: anything that calls attention to veterans and their sacrifices gets a thumbs up from me. This isn't Billy Joel's personal story anymore than "Downeaster Alexa," but the man knows how to use song to tell a story. Love him or hate him, he has undeniable talent. He's the piano man, right?

But there was a steady flow of "Billy owned it" and so, I'm gonna let a younger piano-man-Billy sing us out...

Our battles take place twice a month: on the 1st and 15th. The results come six days later: on the 7th and 21st. That's when I return, total all of the votes, including mine (if necessary), and announce the winner. 

This music blogging event first introduced by our friends 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


[This whole story is paraphrased because I don't sit at the teen table anymore.]

The other day, my son and I met some friends at a fast food restaurant after his physical therapy. The four teens sat at one table and my friend, Robin, and I sat at another table and gabbed about all the things teens hate. It's a highlight of my week.  

The specific teen dynamic at the other table consisted of three siblings and my own son, Gonzo. Q-man and Gonzo have been best pals for years. The twins, Gillypoo and Big Z, are along for the ride usually. Big Z is Q-man's younger brother and like all younger brothers, he wants desperately to be part of the older guy's conversations. 

Somewhere along the way, Big Z pitched an idea to the older guys: Thanksgiving lights. I could hear them chuckle at the thought and Big Z kept pitching away. Nothing they said could diminish his excitement.  

"Come on, I think this is an idea whose time has come. Why not? This could be the next big thing. Thanksgiving is a big holiday - why not lights?" he presented with an abundance of boyish enthusiasm. The boy was totally serious. 

"I think you're just jealous of my idea because you didn't think of it," Big Z added. 

This started a series of friendly jabs and jokes at Big Z's expense. Finally, he pleaded, "Come on...I'm sending all these good vibes your way and all I'm getting is bad vibes in're jealous of me and my good idea..."

I love kids. They are an endless source of amusement. If I find turkey lights, I'm hanging ten strings of 'em around my porch and inviting Big Z over.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Battle of the Bands: "Goodnight, Saigon"


Our battles take place twice a month: on the 1st and 15th.

 The results come six days later: on the 7th and 21st. That's 
when I return, total all of the votes, including mine 
(if necessary), and announce the winner. 

This music blogging event first introduced by our friends 
and I'd like to give them a heartfelt "thank you":

Fae @ Far Away Eyes 
Stephen T. McCarthy presents... 

In 1982, Billy Joel released the song "Goodnight, Saigon" on the album The Nylon Curtain. The theme was the Viet Nam war and this song always grabbed my heart as Joel sang of this band of Marines who "dug in deep and shot on sight" and said "we'd all go down together." 

When I saw this done in concert, I was moved to tears by a large band of veterans who stood together and sang the chorus, swaying to the rhythm of the song and shedding a few tears of their own. Powerful stuff; I don't care if he performed it a zillion times. 

Al Penwasser, this BOTB is dedicated to you. You inspire some of my posts, too.

Goodnight, Saigon by Billy Joel

Garth Brooks
(Kennedy Center Honors for Billy Joel)

Dang it, now I'm tearing up again. 

CONTENDER #3: Joan Baez

Listening to this, it initially seemed like it wasn't a 
great contender. It grew on me. 

It's your turn now. Listen and vote for your favorite.
I'll tally them up and return on the 21st to give you a tally and 
announce the winner who will then forever bask in Flipside glory. 
Now, don't you want to be part of that? Get votin'. 

Don't forget to visit the peeps (many of which do much, much better at BOTB):


Say a prayer for all those hurting in Paris and Beruit.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thank You, Red Cup

The whole red cup thing is a little crazy. As I understand it, a few of the brethren were up in arms about Starbucks removing Christian Christmas symbolism from their delightfully delicious high-priced java.

Except...they didn't. 

I'll support any and all Christians in the world in their struggles, but this isn't one. I've got a few under my own roof, as a matter of fact (Christians AND struggles). But I don't have any expectations from businesses except for their "business" and I certainly don't feel like they must choose to celebrate a Christian holiday exactly as the Christian community may acknowledge it (in spite of the fact that is IS called "Christ-mas," if that's not your religious bend you might still want coffee and I can see that being important to someone who, say...sells coffee?).

But the red cup complaints were way too far down the road before the first person raised their head and said, "Hey...their cups have always been holiday-neutral (my made-up term)."

Less Christian complaints, more Christian action. There's plenty of real things to worry about. Trust me on this one. And go get a coffee, it's chilly out tonight. Merry Thursday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hump Day Petty Party

Hubzam and I have longterm goals in the relationship department and that is a shared blessing. A friend commented that she wished her relationship was as easygoing as mine. In other words, she is acting under the notion that Hubzam and I would never disagree or be at odds with one another. 

Oh, honey, grab the coffee...

Truly, we get along great but we do have our Petty Parties over the most ridiculous, useless, unimportant issues and even as I write this - I'm still petty about some things I recognize as idiotic! Is there hope for me? Probably not.

A few examples...

The Sock Petty Party
When I wash clothes, it's hard to keep all these dang socks straight. So I have two buckets sitting on my laundry-folding table: one for dark socks and one for light socks. This dumb idea keeps laundry folding to a minimum in the sock department, thus speeding up the task. Over the years, I've wasted hours trying to find missing socks. Let the guys sort them out. 

Hubzam does his part by complaining about mismatched socks and laying them on the washer, willy nilly, as he looks for a match. That caused my guilt gene to flair up and so I went to the sock bucket and sorted them all out and matched those loners up. After all, it's such a petty thing that I let a pile of mismatched socks irritate me, right?

A few mornings ago, I found all the matched socks thrown back in the bucket. 

My head popped off. The end.

(Repeat this episode 2-3 times monthly until your blood pressure reaches dangerous levels.)

The Yardwork Petty Party
On Saturdays, Hubzam will go outside and mow the lawn while I clean inside. The man actually loves to mow the lawn and I'm not inconvenienced in the least by his need to ride Ye Olde Husqvarna into the sunset while surrounded by a cloud of chlorophyll scented debris. No complaints here, boss.

Our front porch is level with the entrance; no steps at all. After I've ran the sweeper and dusted, I'll start to see grass and leaves here and there. Following this trail, I usually find that he pointed the mower's discharge chute toward the front door...'cause he'll sweep that later...after everyone has walked through it for hours...nothing bad could come of that plan. 

Except for when my head pops off.

Kids are not immune...

The "I'm Exhausted and You Just Crossed a Threshold of Patience" Petty Party
You've heard my stories of late: poor Gonzo has been laid up by an accident and wrestling with the incapacitation. He's been a champion of patients, seriously. Remember that as I relate this tale...there's not enough ellipses in the world to do it justice.

One night, long after Dad had gone to bed, I found myself about two hours past when I SHOULD have gone to bed. While trying to get Gonzo set up for the night, he was telling me what needed done for his comfort. "My pillows need moved...Could I have a fan turned on (he always sleeps with a fan...don't ask me why)?... Could I just move the fan two inches to the left?...The brace is uncomfortable; could we take it off and put it on again?... Can I have a glass of water?... How about moving that pillow, please, Mom?... The fan still isn't right...I'm out of water...and I think I will need another foot is cold..."

Then he pointed at a spot on his face and asked me to scratch it for him. Dude: your finger is right there - scratch away!

Insert this face in your mental image of what is going on: 

While I would do anything in the world for Gonzo, I'm not a saint and the time comes when a person is just too tired to keep from making that specific face. It's the kid equivalent of the head popping off.

What's my point?

Everyone has that moment where they fire up their own custom petty party. More often than not, it's the people close to you who get invitations, hot air filled balloons, and noise makers. Don't let the party go too long and learn to laugh at your own ridiculousness. 

There are 19 dark socks on the laundry table. Grrrrrrrrrrr...

Friday, November 6, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things & Friendly Blog-Zone Awards

It's Friday and time to Celebrate the Small Things!
Welcome to our wonderful oasis of mini-celebrations. 
Hosted by Lexa Cain, and her wonderful co-hosts: 
L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge 
Tonja @ Kidbits

It's been a great week and full of many blessings, but here are my favorite:

1. Gonzo got his cast off of his arm and he was so happy! He gets to start some PT this week and finally bear a little weight on his leg.

2. Magoo and Lady L moved into a new apartment. It's always exciting to get set up in a new place. When his muscles stop hurting, he'll realize this.

3. I almost forgot! My Juggernaut has a birthday! He is the most fun guy on the planet and has a personality that this planet can barely sustain - and I love him so.

Now go and visit these other bloggers who are celebrating! 

Many blog buddies contacted me privately this week and showed concern. You don't know how much I loved that! I've not had the mental energy to participate in blogging much but it's nice to know that people are genuinely kind and supportive.

In honor of those bloggers, I've created a new badge: 

Everyone needs a friend, even in the blog world. This is for those bloggers who make me glad I can visit their blog. They keep a friendly blog-zone and really, we need to celebrate that spirit! Life is too short for anything less.

Send this badge far and wide! Right click on it, even if you're not on today's list, and nominate anyone and everyone who strives for a friendly blog-zone. If you didn't make today's list, grab the badge and nominate your friendly blog pals anyway - don't wait!

There's too many friendly blogs to mention, so I'll start by naming a few, in no particular order. If you're not on the list this week, you'll probably be there in the near future! I like to follow friendly blogs: 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hump Day Haikus for Medical Equipment

Wheelchair, I hate you
You know your days are numbered
Soon you will leave us.

We thank you, wheelchair
Roll versus carry - no sweat
Yet something is wrong.

I cannot trust you
You have very evil intent
You need a patient.

I know you watch me
You block my night time routine
Mommy needs potty.

Why must you hurt ME?
I need all of my ten toes
Darkness equals pain.

You hide by the chair
Wheelchair, I know you are there
Still...I stub a toe.

Before you must leave
Take time to train the walker
It must have manners.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Michael D'Agostino's Question of the Month

Michael D'Agostino of A Life Examined (that sweet thunder from down under) started this blog hop with these words:

"Your readers would like to know a little more about you. Show them who you are by taking part in the Question of the Month bloghop. On the first Monday of each month, we answer the question that gets posted here. Sign up on the list (on Michael's site) to join the fun ;) With every question, remember that the important part is explaining your answer. And please, if you have any suggestions for new questions, share them in the comments section. I bet you've got some great ideas for us."

This month's question is: 
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Line up all my friends. Ask each one of them this same question: is Cherdo an introvert or extrovert? I'd bet a mighty sum that they'd all say I was an extrovert, confident, etc. Recently, a friend told me, "everyone knows you're a force to be reckoned with...they wouldn't cross you."  Whaaaa??  That's incredibly weird. In fact, I said those same words to my friend. 

I consider myself an introvert based on the fact that it is time alone that fuels me for the good. In my private quiet times, creative things happen and I NEED them to happen to make my life happy and healthy. 

Introspection helps me maneuver life choices ahead of me. Prayer gives me clarity. If life is too hectic, I'll start craving the alone time to recharge.

Granted, I'll do whatever (or be whoever) is required. If you need someone to stand up and say something to a group: done. Diffuse an argument or be an intermediary? I'm there for you. If someone needs to speak up or lead a group on a project, I'll help. 

But that doesn't mean I'm an extrovert. It just means I like a solution (and I do) and helping others. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015