Wednesday, December 23, 2015

BOTB Results: "Breath of Heaven"

Our battles take place twice a month: on the 1st and 15th.
 The results come six days later: on the 7th and 21st. That's 
when I return, total all of the votes, including mine 
(if necessary), and announce the winner. 

This music blogging event first introduced by our friends 
and I'd like to give them a heartfelt "thank you":

Fae @ Far Away Eyes 
Stephen T. McCarthy presents... 

Oooh, it wasn't even close. I'm not technically sure I can call it a landslide but I'm gonna go out on a limb. Sara Groves clobbered our contenders with a big ole' 16 votes to Melissa Manchester's 3 and Donna Summer's disco-respectable 7.

All hail the Queen of the Dec. 15 BOTB! Sing us out, Sara:

Our Live Nativity avoided rain for two days and I thought you might like to see a picture. That "wise man" in red is my own dear Gonzo, standing there without a walker or crutch (okay, there's a ridiculously expensive custom brace under those pants but who's complaining? Not me!).

Don't forget to visit the peeps (many of which do much, much better at BOTB):


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and God bless!


    I can't believe it was such a blowout. I knew Sara was going to win (judging by the voting pattern at the time I placed my own vote), but it's hard to fathom Donna Summer beating Melissa (whom I voted for).

    Hokey-Smoke! How come Gonzo's playing the part of a wise man rather than an angel? That makes no sense to me.

    And is that a dog I see playing the part of a sheep? Ha! Well I hope at least that it's some sort of a sheepdog.

    A very, merry CHRISTmas to you, Cherdo!

    ~ D-Fens(Sheep)DogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Missed again! I should have started tracking my voting for the winner record awhile back. I think I'm 50/50. Maybe not .... that high.

  3. I had a feeling she would win but I still like Donna better:) Merry Christmas and I know you have much to be thankful for this season for sure-Many blessings

  4. I read the comments after I voted. Even then Sara was doing really well. I guess I'm not surprised that she ran away with it. Like Stephen said, I am surprised that Donna Summer beat Melissa Manchester (who I also voted for). I wonder who that third person was....???

    1. And Gonzo looks great as a wise man. Very thoughtful expression. What a blessing that he's standing on his own two feet (more or less).

  5. There's my boy! I await his arrival. He'll be here Christmas Eve, right? I guess if you want him to spend Christmas with you, it's okay. I love that song.


  6. According to my notes, I voted for Melissa - oh well. What a handsome son, you have, and YES, that IS a sheepdog (ref. stmcc's comment.) LOL.

    Good Christmas, and 2016. See you in January. :)

  7. I'm really bad at picking out winners with these BOTB challenges, but I do enjoy listening to the music. Glad to see your son up and about.

  8. So odd to see such a "landslide" considering the number of choices. But it's a win for me! I picked the winning singer. I like when that happens.

  9. I'm not surprised that Sara Groves won. I was so torn between her and Donna Summer. Both have powerful voices. I'm glad you presented Sara Groves because she is totally new to me. Was a good battle.
    Merry Christmas Cherdo...two days away!!! Hope Santa is good to you. :)
    Thanks for sharing the photo of your live nativity. Looks amazing!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  10. One of my favorite songs. Can not belive I missed this Battle of the Bands.
    I play the Vince Gill one every Christmas so I think I like that one best.
    I wonder if I have lost Your blog and Janies ?

    Merry Christmas
    cheers, gayle and thehamish


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