Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Music and Words Award: Thanks, Buddy!


My dear buddy and brother-from-another-mother, Stephen T. McCarthy, the real, live host of STMcC Presents Battle of the Bands nominated me for the Music & Words Award. #MW

I keep telling Stephen he's a nice guy and I think I may have almost convinced him. Thank you, STMcC! Remember, I'm your huckleberry.

Here are the rules: 

Once accepted, the award process has five steps:
  1. Link back to the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the questions with words AND music
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  4. Tag your post with #MWA, for Music & Words Award so that we can all find you down the line
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Q and A

Q1: What does music mean to you?

Music is one of God's "good gifts" and when I listen to it, I totally feel it and immerse myself in the lyrics and melody. Few legal means provide such a wonderful escape. The songs don't really matter much categorically: they can be simple or complex. You can use music to celebrate, as a backdrop to the blues, to mourn, or to ponder a loved one. Sounds sappy, doesn't it? This question requires a book to answer. Insert your own reason here: ____.

I fear no sappy. Good or bad, music evokes feelings. Here's one of my favorite musical moments:

Q2: What is your first music-related memory?

My Dad loved the song, "Love Makes the World Go 'Round" and I'm almost sure the version he listened to was Dean Martin...but I can't find a video of ole' Deanerooni singing his tune, so how about the Everly Brothers? 

When my Dad felt sappy, he'd ask me to sing this over...and over...and over...I was probably in first grade. 

Q3: What was the first album you’ve purchased yourself?
It was definitely a Beatles album and after they broke up...hmmm...I can't remember... I remember seeing "A Hard Day's Night" and thinking, "why don't I have any Beatles' albums?"

Q4: What was the latest music you purchased? (No online streaming or free downloads, I’m talking about cash here!)

I've been purchasing singles online, quite possibly the most expensive way to amass a music collection but definitely a better way to collect exactly what you want. Guilt accompanies this task; no "B" sides or clunkers for me. It's like just eating the frosting on the cake. 

But music calms a lot of things and it's cheaper than psychiatry and goes nicely with mood manipulation. We all have days where we need a bit of that, right?

Other than the purchase question, I guess the tie in to real life is that "lately, I'm been prayin', prayin' hard," so this fits in! 

Q5: Which song did you listen to last? (No cheating, come out with the dirty pleasures!)

This doesn't fit into any category, but it was CeeLo Green's "Bright Lights Bigger City." I'm in the planning time of year and what seemed overwhelming suddenly starts to gel.  l love that feeling. Though the visual images of the video don't really tie in to Cherdo world, I like the beat and the general message.  In the words of CL: 

"And it may just be more of the same, But sometimes you wanna go where everyone knows your name...So I guess I'll have to wait and see...But I'm just gonna let something brand new happen to me..."


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  1. Great version of "Love Makes the World Go Round". I've always liked that song. It came from the musical Carnival of which my parents had the soundtrack album. I listened to that album plenty. Back in the early 60's we went to see the road show version of the musical when it played San Diego.

    You did very nicely with this meme.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. That's an eclectic collection of music there.
    I usually buy who albums, but my wife likes to download just one. She's usually picking older music when she does that, so it makes sense.

  3. I love music. I have the strangest play list. Cat Stevens followed up by 50 Cent. I suppose I like a buffet of music flavor.

  4. "Few legal means provide such a wonderful escape." hraharasnrt I don't know how the other three Beatles ever kept straight faces because John was so funny. I saw some concert footage of them. No one could hear them, of course. They couldn't hear themselves. John started fooling around. George looked as if he would fall off the stage because he laughed so hard. I can't imagine that Dean didn't sing Love Makes the World Go Round, but with some songs, it takes forever to find the right clip. The Everly Brothers sound quite sappy. The song is sappy. I used to sit on my dad's lap. We'd sing songs like Tonight from West Side Story. It was a joke because my dad couldn't sing at all. We'd sing our hearts out, or at least I did, and everyone laughed. Fun memory.


  5. The only music I listen to on a regular basis is classical music. If I had to pick someone I guess it would be Vivaldi.

  6. Cherdo, good music and great answers! I got the honor of participating in this fun, too. Feel free to check out my post, here!

  7. Interesting how many of us connected music to God...

  8. Nice to learn more about you and your musical tastes. I was tagged for this too and had fun with it. (You can read it HERE, if you're interested.) The Beatles were important to so many of us, yes?

  9. Wow interesting. Godspell, I remember that one 1
    When needed I pick a song turn it up and let it envelop me and shake the mood away or at least has me feeling better.
    Love Counting Stars, Bright Lights right now I am on a early Beatles music. Also Hotling Bling and Runaway Baby.
    I day (while dealing with the x) I found a 24 hours videos of people dancing to Pharrell's "Happy" . It helped ! And some were really great.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Congrats on the award! I always love reading about everyones musical tastes.

  11. I love the song Counting Stars by One Republic. It's my "general" ringtone on my phone. I have an app that allows me to "cup up" the song and use the portion I want. I'm partial to "I'm old, but I'm not that old. I'm young, but I'm not that bold..." Good stuffs.

  12. Those are some pretty tough questions :( Wish me luck.

    1. Having said that, I'm stoked (happy) to get the challenge and the recognition ;)

      Wish me luck again.

  13. Thank you for nominating me! Music and words are my passion so I love this award. I'll have to combine this with my cover reveal for Seismic Crimes next Wednesday.

    Catching Stars by One Republic is a good song!

  14. Thanks for the kind words, DOC CHERDO!

    I really loved your answer to "What Does Music Mean To You?" But I gotta say, that song kind of creeped me out. Did you ever see the original 1973 version of 'THE WICKER MAN'? That song and scene from 'Godspell' was very similar to a song and scene in 'The Wicker Man', which happens to be one of only a small number of "Horror" movies I really like. It's a very creepy movie and that's all I could think of while watching those "weirdos in a park". Even the Folk melody seemed similar.

    It's funny how for people our age so often the FIRST album we purchased was something by The Beatles.

    You did a great job with this meme. Thanks for playing along.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. Thank you for nominating me! Is sorry to not have been here sooner but am having issues with my mom(bathing and her toenails). I have been thinking about this and will make this up this weekend. Thank you for this again. Have a great weekend. Oh and I don't know if you remember but you had sent me a necklace pendant with some cool things inside it. I wear it a lot.

  16. Last one would be Carl Carlton and Everlasting Love. Good toe tapping song.

  17. Hi Cheryl,

    How are you? Thanks for the Nomination! I'll let you know when I post it... it may be a while since I am INSANE at the moment. What else is new? Lol


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