Thursday, April 7, 2016

BOTB Results: "I Need You Now"

That's right, peeps everywhere: Maroon 5 may have been able to steal Alicia Keys' thunder on her own song last time, but Lady Antebellum ain't a-gonna let that happen twice! 

The words for April are SHORT and SWEET!

Sing us out, Lady Antebellum:

Now hop over to check out the other battles and see what they are up to. Did your vote come out on the winning side? Are you on a roll? Has anyone collapsed under the weight of the Battle of the Bands, A-to-Z, and their othwer blog hops? And what about Naomi (insert obscure Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman reference, just to mess with ya)? 

Better check!


  1. I didn't vote on this one, but love Lady Antebellum.

  2. Glad I picked a winner. Love this song. They do it awesome.


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